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Combining years of digital transformation expertise with our proprietary data network, Orion, Smarter Technologies Group provides leading IOT solutions for your organisation.

Get real-time data from our smart sensors for your IoT applications. From global asset visibility to automated smart building compliance, our solutions are simple to deploy and easily scalable. Coupled with our hardware and software solutions hosted on military-grade infrastructure and six nines redundancy, you can rest assured that your IoT data is safe and secure on the Orion Data Network.

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Key Smarter Solutions

Expert, tailor-made turnkey software solutions which enable sensors for all real-time IoT data network applications; from smart buildings to global asset tracking and global visibility solutions.


One Data Network. Limitless Applications.

From Government organisations and blue chips to SMEs, our mission is to provide businesses with the technology they need to simplify complex solutions in a digital world. Headquartered in the UK, Smarter Technologies is the creator and owner of the award-winning IoT data network, the Orion Data Network. The network offers a full range of real-time tracking, monitoring and smart sensing solutions, connecting the physical world to the digital universe and pioneering the way for cities and countries to become smarter and more efficient. Closely coupled with our digital transformation and consultancy expertise, our bespoke applications and control platforms allow for real-time alerts and management information for fast action and agile decision-making. It’s Your World, Smarter.

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Smarter Solutions


Asset Visibility


Site Security


Asset Tracking


Livestock Bolus


Asset Monitoring


Smarter Buildings


Border Protection


Automated Compliance


Automated Virus Protection

Smart Buildings

Gain full control of your building using our smart sensors. From automated Legionella compliance testing to fire safety systems, our smarter solutions reduce costs and optimise the workspace.

Orion Data Network

Smarter Technologies are the creators of the privately-owned Orion Data Network, which uses innovative connectivity to support a range of highly cost-effective and scalable applications. The network is designed to reduce ongoing costs and environmental footprints.

In-House Hardware Design & Build

Smarter Technologies designs and builds all of our IoT form factors internally using expert electronic design engineers. Our long-lasting, battery-powered sensors can be deployed to the Orion Data Network with real-time reporting—for any application you can imagine.

Expert Bespoke IoT Sofware Solutions

Smarter Technologies provides expert, tailor-made turnkey software solutions for your business. These solutions enable sensors for all real-time applications; from smart buildings to global asset tracking and global visibility solutions.


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