The Basic Payment Scheme has undergone some changes in 2021. While this has meant simplified processes and less admin for farmers, it also means reductions in payments. Other schemes are in place to replace these. In January 2021, the Agricultural Transition Plan came into effect – a plan which emphasises a move to sustainable farming practices, profitability, and productivity. Whether facing reductions or planning for a future without this grant, data is going to be invaluable to rural businesses going forward. It is in the interest of every farmer to reduce costs, increase yields, and formulate sustainable practices to take farming into the future.

Data: The Solution to Lost Basic Payment Scheme Income

It’s been posited by some players in the industry that data analytics could make up for lost income from the Basic Payment Scheme grant. However, this aside, data solutions are becoming widely regarded as one of the foremost tools in optimal monitoring, management, and security for farmers. Smart agricultural data solutions are being implemented in different ways across the farming industry, but it’s widely agreed that they are a strategic device for farming efficiency.

It Starts With Better Business Decisions

The power of data insights comes down to the ability to react to facts on the granular workings of whole-farm operations. Farmers have the opportunity to mitigate losses arising from theft, inventory and equipment management. By receiving real-time data readings across a range of metrics, farmers can optimise inputs, reduce wastage, and grow profit value.

Benchmarking For Success

Benefits of data readings are both instant and long term. For instance, real-time alerts on undesirable fluctuations in things like temperature, perimeter access, fuel and fertiliser levels, livestock temperature readings, and equipment movements empower reaction in the moment to prevent issues. In the long term, this data can be analysed and used to create strategic plans extending across the entire supply chain, spanning everything from on-farm activities to logistics and warehouse and store conditions. By setting data-driven benchmarks, farmers stand to make meaningful, sustainable changes for growth.

Automation and the Effect on Machinery and Labour

Machinery and labour costs affect the bottom line of every farmer. A system of smart technologies has the potential for simple, easily integrated, scalable automation. When it comes to machinery, the benefits include enhanced security and recoverability of critical equipment, streamlined maintenance schedules, and optimised running of machines. In turn, this means reduced operational downtime, reduced emissions, and reduced running costs.

The nature of farming and farms is traditionally labour intensive. Operations require manpower to perform manual checks at the various focus points of farms. This is time consuming and affects overall resource utilisation across the farm. As smart technologies collect and report data, so the risk of human error is reduced, allowing workers to focus their attention to other areas of operations.

Beyond the Basic Payment Scheme: Crops and Livestock Management

Both crop farmers and livestock farmers are implementing smart solutions within rural businesses of all sizes. Cattle management is being refined and simplified by ‘wearable’ technology such as the ingestible bolus for real-time temperature readings and GPS tracking collars. These are supporting cattle health, streamlined herd management systems, security, and breeding.

Growing Profits and Productivity with Smarter Technologies

The smart agricultural technologies from Smarter Technologies are simple, cost-effective options for farmers. Solutions include a system of tags, sensors, and pressure pads which deliver data to a remotely accessible dashboard. This data is securely conveyed over the zero trust Orion Data Network. As part of their livestock offering, Smarter Technologies also has an ingestible bolus and GPS cattle collar for visibility down to the individual animal 24/7, 365 days a year.

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