The Smarter Technologies Group of Companies has brought together market leading expertise in hardware, software and communications. The Group’s Intelligence-led systems and platforms digitally transform our clients’ organisations enabling tracking, monitoring and control of assets across the globe in real time on our proprietary “IoT” data network, Orion.

Orion is our military-grade data network which offers sim-free, wireless, 2-way communication, allowing for the monitoring of complex logistics and supply chain management solutions across the globe in addition to a full range of Smart Building, Metering and Smart-City solutions.

The Group has two wholly owned subsidiaries, Visionist and New Forest Communications Ltd. Visionist Ltd, founded in 2009 is a Crown Commercial Services approved supplier and Microsoft Gold Partner for Digital Transformation of Public Sector services. currently provides a full range of Public Sector services, to multiple UK Public Sector departments and various private sector organisations and partners. Services include business and technology strategy definition, through to service design and operational support. Services are bolstered by its Software as a Service division, which provides a rapid and agile approach to solving complex problems and providing first class digital solutions.

Founded in 2001, NFC have developed the ORION data network for the Internet of Things (IOT), which combines low-power radio and GPS asset tracking and security to create a low-power, long-range digital data network consisting of Orion gateways and sensors. Gateways listen, and the sensors report on the location and status of almost any “thing” in near real-time.

The Group is focused on growing the reach of our network both nationally and internationally in addition to expanding the products and services provided to end-users and partners around the globe. Our experienced team has successfully delivered complex programmes over the last 20 years. Smarter Technologies Group hold the following accreditations:

  • Crown Commercial Services approved supplier
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Cyber Essentials
  • ISO9001
  • PSN Accreditation
  • NHS N3 / HSCN Compliance

All services are secured to ISO27001 standards and aligned to NCSC guidelines and follow the Government Digital Services (GDS) Technology Code of Practice, with full CHECK Green certification, and data hosted within cloud based accredited data centres in the UK.

General Enquiries: 0330 223 5000

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