Container Tracking & Pallet Tracking

End-to-end visibility and comprehensive data to proactively manage containers & pallets

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Real-time container tracking & pallet tracking

Save on operational costs and insurance premiums by preventing the loss, theft and damage of your containers and pallets. Smarter Technologies’ container tracking and pallet tracking solutions give you real-time end-to-end asset visibility. This allows you to monitor, track and recover your pallets and containers throughout the shipping supply chain, protecting your assets and reputation. Comprehensive data and predicting patterns enable you to proactively manage the use and maintenance of these assets.

The smarter tracking solution

Having accurate, real-time information about the whereabouts, status and condition of your containers, pallets and their cargo helps you to:

  • Fulfil regulatory requirements
  • Book transport
  • Arrange the right resources at the right time 
  • Enhance your overall customer experience.
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Features of Container and Pallet Tracking Solutions

  • Track the products your pallets are carrying

  • Use data and predictive analytics to streamline and automate your business processes to save time and money

  • Customised reporting on container and pallet data

  • Automate inventory, gain visibility over your pallets throughout the supply chain

  • Instant alerts on temperature, latitude, longitude, battery life, shock or tampering

  • Beacon recovery mode for asset location and recovery

  • Small, discreet tamper-proof and weatherproof container tags with AAA to D cell battery

  • Ready-to-go hardware that requires no configuration

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and software

  • Fully scalable from sire to site and project to project

How Smart Pallet and Container Tracking Works

The Orion Data Network is Smarter Technologies’ award-winning, low-power, long-range digital data network consisting of specially designed gateways and tags. 

For truly comprehensive coverage, we have designed three types of gateways and three types of tags to deliver total coverage, visibility and control.

  • Ethernet gateway interfaces with your existing connection
  • Mobile gateway runs directly over the Orion Data Network 
  • Independent satellite tracks your assets in remote locations

The system monitors and tracks your pallets and containers, which can be tagged separately for comprehensive coverage. Your assets are safe at every stage of their journey as the gateways listen, and the low-cost active low-power radio tags report the data through to your customised, cloud-based dashboard. This platform can be accessed 24/7 from any connected device. Alerts and alarms on the status of your assets can also be programmed to arrive instantaneously on any connected device.

Container Tracking How it works

ما هي شبكة بيانات أوريون؟

Smarter Technologies’ privately-owned Orion Data Network is a low-power, long-range, real-time tracking and monitoring network being used the world over. Orion’s proprietary, military-grade communication technology runs on low-power radio. With a set of smart sensors, tags and gateways, the Orion system sends real-time, automatic updates to your bespoke management dashboard.

اقرأ المزيد عن شبكة Orion Data Network.

لماذا تختار شبكة Orion Data Network من Smarter Technologies؟

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SIM مجاني

لا توجد تكاليف مرتبطة بشبكات GSM وأجهزة أصغر.

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تردد أقل من GSM

يمكن رؤية العلامات داخل كل شيء.

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انخفاض متطلبات الطاقة

العلامات تدوم لسنوات وليس أيام.

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متعددة الوظائف

تتبع وتوضح درجة الحرارة والحركة والصدمة والمزيد.

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التكوين عن بعد

يمكن استقبال الرسائل في جميع المواقع.

أيقونة التغطية - Smarter Technologies Group

500 م إلى 10 كم لكل بوابة.

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القدرة على الانتعاش

يمكن التبديل من رقمي إلى تناظري لزيادة إمكانات الاسترداد وإيجاد موقع دقيق.

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النشر السريع للبنية التحتية

نظرًا للطبيعة اللاسلكية لشبكة Orion Data Network.

Benefits of a Smart Keg Tracking System

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Reduce total cost of pallet and container ownership

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Save time and money recovering lost pallets and containers

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Increase container and pallet availability and lengthen asset lifetimes

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Reduce your operational costs

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Prevent under-utilisation and over-capacity

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Reduce your insurance premiums by reducing risk

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Improve overall performance and delivery times for better customer experience

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Manage container and pallet inventory throughout the supply chain in real-time

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Prevent container over-capacity and under-utilisation

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Combat theft, attacks, smuggling and trafficking

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Recover lost and stolen containers fast

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Identify supply chain weak spots and bottlenecks

رمز علامة الاختيار - Smarter Technologies Group

Streamlined supply chain and excellent logistics allow you to offer a better experience to customers, partners and staff

Container & Pallet Tracking Use Cases

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Monitor, Track, Recover

Smart container and pallet tracking solutions give you real-time, end-to-end asset visibility and data to monitor, track and recover your assets throughout the supply chain. This protects your assets, your profits and your reputation. For example, you can instantly locate assets that have been stored in the wrong place, taken to the wrong location or stolen from your supply chain. 

Geofencing capabilities allow you to get instant alerts to any connected device if your cargo moves outside of predefined geographical locations. In case of a stolen or missing container or pallet, Orion scanners in beacon mode can pinpoint the exact location of the missing asset. You can then recover your assets and the goods they contain as well as increase the chance of securing an arrest and conviction.

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Tracking Products and Cargo

Attaching a low-power radio tag and IoT-enabled sensors to your containers and pallets gives you greater visibility of the products you are carrying and the location in the supply chain. With our smart tracking solutions, you can use real-time data to check that the right product is reaching your production lines in the right quantity and meeting quality assurance guidelines, thus saving money on waste and product recalls.

In addition, our solutions allow you to take control of your stock by automating repurchasing schedules and building more efficient working relationships with your third party suppliers.

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Real-time railway dashboard

رصد حالة

Along with location data, the system can monitor a wide range of container and pallet conditions, depending on what is most important to you and your business. The tags and IoT enabled sensors relay pre-defined data according to your needs. This data can include time, temperature, tamper, speed, latitude, longitude, battery information, shock reports and more. By monitoring these environmental factors, you can assess the potential impact on perishable goods in transit to reduce waste, maintain product quality and integrity and enhance the customer experience.

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Fleet Monitoring Icon-01

Efficient Fleet Management

Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network puts you in complete control of your containers wherever they are in the world, with key data analytics fed back to HQ in real time. The accurate, real-time data provided by the Orion Data Network helps you improve your container and pallet fleet management. 

Armed with accurate, real-time business intelligence you’ll be equipped to:

  • Make intelligent insights-driven business decisions
  • Benefit from high levels of automation
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Accurately predict your container and pallet repair and repurchase schedules
  • Optimise container collection routes
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Railway Use Case Icon

Automation & Optimisation

Our system allows you to automate your asset management throughout your supply chain for greater accuracy, efficiency and time and cost savings. You can predefine the type of business intelligence you want to receive about your containers and pallets to get the right information to make better business decisions. You can share this data throughout your business and with third-party partners to streamline your entire supply chain and improve your return on investment. For example, you may learn more about optimising the best distribution and collection routes to take for empty and full pallets and containers.

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Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Accurate inventory data on pallets and containers make it easier to maintain them proactively and repair them as soon as necessary. Achieving the maximum lifecycle of your pallets and containers is more cost-effective for the business and leads to a reduced carbon footprint. By reducing waste, automating and improving productivity, Smarter Technologies’ pallet and container tracking system enables you to work towards a greener business.

Your World, Smarter.

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