Smart bin level monitoring

Smart Bin level

Bin level sensors to monitor the levels and 
location of bins and skips in real time.

Locate bins
Locate bins
Prevent overflow
Prevent overflow
Optimise collection
Optimise collection

Smarter Technologies' Bin Level Sensor can be used on any storage tank, bin or skip to help you remotely manage your storage and waste collection. This smart solution for commercial facilities enables you to monitor any type of waste in bins and containers. Having this data available to you in real-time allows you to operate your waste management more efficiently and eliminates the costs of unnecessary collections.

Level up with more data

Level up with more data

The level sensor uses an ultrasonic beam to measure distance, giving you a real-time level reading, removing the need to manually dip into the liquid. The sensor is also designed to recognise a tilting motion, which will tell you if your bin or skip has been sufficiently emptied of waste. If the sensor detects any predefined changes in the conditions of the container, it will send a real-time alert to any connected device.

The data from your bin monitoring sensors is displayed on a cloud-based platform that offers a real-time overview of the status of your containers as well as automated alerts and reporting.

Features of Bin Level Sensors

  • Save time, money and resources Real-time reports every 15 minutes
  • Fast asset recovery 3+ years of battery life
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Can be retrofit
  • Maximise productivity Bin fill level updates
  • Meet health and safety requirements Position monitoring - GPS & tilt
  • Secure lower insurance premiums Remote monitoring from any connected device
  • Protect assets and personnel from changing environmental conditions Monitor any type of waste

Benefits of Level Sensors

Help prevent theft & fraud

Proactively resupply your tanks on time

Ensure your waste is removed correctly

Save costs by reducing waste removal frequency

Optimise waste collection schedules based on real-time and historical data

Minimise overflow from bins

Maximise collection routing

Automated KPI reporting

How does a smart bin work?

Enabled by Smarter Technologies' Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™, our bin level monitoring system is wireless, easy to install and provides accurate data and reporting.

Sensors are fitted onto bins, skips and containers. These sensors are connected via a gateway to the Orion Data Network, which relays condition data to your bespoke management platform. With this data, you can remotely audit and manage your tanks, bins and skips, allowing you to cost-effectively resupply when it best suits your schedule.

Bin Level Sensors

Keeping on top of waste collection processes can be a long, manual, time-consuming effort. Using Smarter Technologies’ bin level sensors, a full overview of the waste management process can be achieved from anywhere, in real time. The smart bin level sensors provide crucial information about the state of your bins in real time, giving you the information you need to make the decisions that keep your business going.

Waste Tank Level Sensors

Waste tanks can be a crucial asset to your operations, and the poor management of waste tanks can result in delays or accidents. Measuring the fill levels of waste tanks can be a tedious process, which is susceptible to inaccuracies, especially if the waste tank is not perfectly straight. Smarter Technologies’ waste tank level sensor provides an accurate, real-time depiction of all your waste tanks and it can be accessed in real time, from anywhere. Our sensors use GPS and tilt monitoring to give you the full picture of your waste management processes.

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