Five Reasons to Get an AMR Water Meter

Five Reasons to Get an AMR Water Meter

– By Bradley Wingrave

August 31, 2021

The Benefits of Smart Water Meters – Today and For the Future

For utilities companies and business owners alike, AMR water meters offer a range of benefits. AMR The range of benefits of smart water meters have seen this powerful technology disrupt traditional processes. Everything from meter reading and billing to leaks and interruptions are being met with top-class customer service thanks to these smart data systems. What could you do with real-time meter readings and instant, automated, and cloud-based reporting? Whether you are in the business of water or in the business of business, AMR technology holds exciting potential for the preservation of one of our most precious resources and optimal business processes.

What are AMR water meters?

There are different kinds of AMR systems for water meters on the market. Automatic meter reading or AMR is a form of smart technology that automatically collects and reports data on status and usage of water – but also for other utilities like gas and energy consumption. This information is transmitted to a central database where it can be disseminated in myriad ways.

Through the real-time collection of data, utilities companies and businesses are empowered to diagnose and troubleshoot issues without waiting on the 30-day billing cycle. They are also able to harness the power of data through analysis and strategy.

AMR water meter
AMR Meter Solutions

How does AMR water meter technology work?

The essential difference between the different forms of AMR water meter systems comes down to how transmission is relayed to the central database and their relationship to existing systems. Across all varieties, however, the common thread of automatic readings runs through all of them.

Find out more about AMR water meters, how they work, and the benefits of this exciting technology by taking a look at our comprehensive smart AMR systems guide.

Smart water meter benefits: an overview

For utilities providers, an AMR system for water meters has the following benefits, which we will look at in more detail below:

  • Data-based systems drive market segmentation and differentiation. This keeps you competitive today and into the future
  • Accuracy over estimate
  • Greatly enhanced customer service
  • Counteracts the challenges of manual meter readings
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Vastly expedited dispute resolution
  • Optimisation of staff and minimised field operations
  • Enhanced reliability and consistency of distribution
  • Sustainability benefits
  • A primary tool for future growth
  • Data-driven problem-solving
  • Billing accuracy and flexibility – with advantages for customer satisfaction and profitability
  • A simple way to quickly identify and rectify issues like leaks, theft, and inaccuracies in reporting

For business owners and landowners, some of the advantages of AMRs include:

  • Increased efficiencies and profits, reduced overheads and wastage
  • Reduced environmental impact and fine-tuned resource management
  • Simplified multi-location – or remote location – reading
  • Drives data-inspired forecasting, strategy, and decision-making
  • Accurate, flexible billing rather than estimates
  • Counteracts the inaccuracies associated with ageing infrastructure
  • AMR water meter technology is affordable
  • AMR water meter technology is easily integrable
  • Real-time utilities management, increased control
  • Data-based decision-making and problem-solving
  • Reduced reliance on personnel
  • Cloud-based, always-accessible record-keeping

Tap into smart water insights with an AMR water meter system

– Smarter Technologies

The smart water solutions from Smarter Technologies Group offers all the benefits of automated data collection – powered by the Orion Data Network. This SIM-free, wireless AMR system for water meters sends real-time data to your personalised dashboard. This is accessible by connected devices anytime, anywhere – and this means you get total control over consumption and accounts.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top reasons for water companies and their customers to invest in AMR technology.


Accurate meter readings are an exciting starting point for a range of benefits for both suppliers and customers. With AMR water meters, usage is monitored in real time – and bills are created from accurate data rather than estimates. For suppliers, this means mitigated losses when it comes to revenue (not to mention the whole host of factors affecting improve profitability – such as reduced labour costs and drastically improved operational efficiencies).


In turn, accurate billing has a bearing on customer service. At the outset, this removes the likelihood of baseless, time-consuming disputes arising from billing errors. It also helps consultants to quickly resolve disputes. Bills can be evidenced by hard data and information is at your fingertips at all times with these data-based tools. With flexible reporting accessible throughout the month, suppliers can offer insights around unusual usage and leaks, as well as potential for cost-saving.

Often, the horse has bolted by the time customers receive their bill at the end of the 30-day billing period. By being alerted to changes in usage patterns early, customers can fix them before they become very costly and wasteful. This is proactive problem-solving at its best – a far cry from the delays and costs involved in traditional processes.

Empowered customers are also less likely to become disgruntled with the system. AMR water meters shift control to the customers. By giving them real-time data insights, they can monitor and manage their portfolios with relative ease and engage constructively with suppliers around optimal usage and strategy.

How the Orion Data Network Works Diagram - Smarter Technologies


Smart technology is being used across many applications for the simple accuracy that comes with automation. Manual processes can be unreliable and inconsistent – and human error affects readings.

The accuracy of AMR water meter systems contributes to the improved customer experience mentioned above. It also has the potential to drastically alter suppliers’ operations, which filters down to the customer experience too. AMR water meter technology affects field operations immensely. It removes the need for someone to be on the premises to allow personnel on-site for meter readings – a situation which would typically require multiple call-outs for readings. It also reduces the overheads, human resource cost – and carbon footprint – incumbent in the traditional system of life on the road for meter readers.

The automated processes of AMR systems for water meters lays the foundation for staff optimisation for water companies. These personnel and resources can then be applied in other areas of the business, laying the groundwork for scale, innovation, and even greater service standards.

Furthermore, existing infrastructure loses reliability as it ages. Many billing inaccuracies can be attributed to outdated technology and this is where the accuracy of AMR water meter technology revolutionises this essential process for business owners and mitigates losses for suppliers.


The thread of accuracy and billing leads naturally to reduced costs. For suppliers, improved operations mean improved profitability. For customers, accurate billing and the cost in time and resources around dispute resolution affects the bottom line.

Aside from these factors, AMR systems give businesses the chance to plan today to save money in the future. The accuracy and in-depth nature of data makes it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to streamline resources. AMR water meter technology puts power in the hands of business owners to monitor their usage, react to undesirable changes, and plan for the future.

Analysing data means informed forecasting and decision-making. Your business’s data is also a critical component of innovation. By understanding trends, behaviour, and needs of your business through data, you are best-placed to strategise and so reduce waste and unnecessary costs.


With nations and businesses around the world working towards net zero targets, water efficiency plays an important role in helping us adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate further climate change, and reach net zero status.

There’s a strong link between water consumption and energy consumption. The very process of supplying water for human usage consumes energy and releases greenhouse gases. Lower water consumption means lower energy consumption, leading to reduced emissions and moving a step closer to net zero. 

According to Waterwise UK, 1% of businesses in England use over 50% of non-household water. It’s clear that reducing water consumption (even by modest amounts) can help deliver significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Curbing water usage also helps businesses save money, secure future water suppliers and leave more water in the environment to help address this ecological emergency.

How AMR water meters assist green transformation

Access Data 

Knowing how much water you use in a day and during a month is the first step in reducing your consumption. A simple tool to help you achieve this is an AMR. These are retrofitted to existing water meters and feed water use information into a smart portal in real time to help you track your water usage and spot any issues or unusual increases. Through accurate consumption data, you’ll be better equipped to make data-driven decisions about how to control your water consumption and reduce your carbon footprint.

Analyse Data

Key to identifying potential water efficiencies is to have a central reporting and analytics system. With Smarter Technologies Group’s customised software solution, all the data from all AMR devices is collected and analysed on a single dashboard. This gives you not only a real-time view of your water consumption, but allows for historic reporting and predictive analytics, allowing you to optimise your water provision even further. 

Automate Supply

If you don’t have automatic taps yet, it’s worth upgrading to sensor-operated taps, which reduce unnecessary water use. Smart sensors can be incorporated all around your building to inform a green water strategy.

Service & Maintain

Smart building technology assists in ensuring all water-related equipment is maintained and serviced at optimal levels. This prevents water wastage. It’s also important to check regularly for leaks on site and AMR water meters can be programmed to send alerts around unexpected increases in water use.

Upgrade to AMR water meters to level-up efficiencies

Smarter Technologies Group works alongside suppliers and businesses to offer accessible, scalable AMR water meter systems and smart solutions. The AMR water meter system from Smarter Technologies can be retrofitted to existing systems quickly and easily – without the need for an engineer. It is also wireless and SIM-free. Whether you are operating across many or remote locations, it is designed to simplify water meter readings for both business owners and water suppliers.

Get water usage data in real time, anytime and from anywhere, and unlock the power of data in service, decision-making, and the efficiency of your operations.

Contact Smarter Technologies Group today to find out more about our leading AMR water meter technology

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