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Connected Care 

Smart Solutions Transforming
Care, Safety & Health in the home

With the UK’s ageing population and increased burden of care, the care environment needs a simple, cost-effective, and unobtrusive solution to ensure people’s health and safety in their homes.

Enter Smarter Technologies 5-in-1 Care Sensor: our simple, plug-and-play monitoring device with real-time reporting and alerts.

8,500,000 +

People needing care in the UK, across all age ranges

£26 billion

The annual costs associated with dementia

1.4 million

Older people who do not have access to the care and support they need

Care Priorities

Ensuring the safety, wellbeing, and provision of support of any vulnerable tenant are met.

Building maintenance and retrofitting to help deliver the improvements in housing stock to promote healthier living conditions.

Reducing reliance on NHS (and thus taxpayers) to pick up the associated costs and pressures on the NHS and care sector.

Complete, connected care in the home

Improve living condition monitoring using our real-time and fully remote monitoring and analysing solution.

The discreet 5-in-1 sensor units measures 5 key indicators to measure an individual’s wellbeing and living conditions:

Property temperature


Light levels


Noise levels

Features & Benefits

Real-time event detection

Real-time event detection

The system can detect any changes in events as they happen.

Analytics and alerts

Analytics and alerts

The software and apps provide analytics and alert you to abnormal activities or changes in real time.

Programmable thresholds

Programmable thresholds

Proactive responses and predictive maintenance become possible by setting programmable thresholds, addressing issues like mould and damp.

Compliance support

Compliance support

The system helps achieve compliance, such as meeting the requirements of the 2023 Housing Act, with fully transparent and digitised records.

Cost-effective services

Cost-effective services

Delivering more cost-effective services allows for quicker response times and targeted actions when required, providing light-touch or non-intrusive monitoring for added peace of mind.

Rapid response solution

Rapid response solution

The system offers a rapid response solution to incidents as they occur.

Reassurance for the vulnerable

Reassurance for the vulnerable

It reassures the vulnerable, their families, or professional providers that risks are being effectively and efficiently managed.

Continual monitoring provides previously unseen data insights to support care provision and in-home monitoring.

Through our connected care solutions, we help people lead independent lives in the comfort of their chosen home setting. Our primary goal is to strike a perfect balance between independence and reassurance, offering tailored support that caters to each individual's current and future needs.

  • Save time, money and resources Cost-effective in-home monitoring with no product purchase cost or connectivity/data charges
  • Fast asset recovery Simple, affordable monthly fee
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Helping save lives by reducing pressure on carers through assisted living technology

How it works

The 5-in-1 sensor transmits real-time data to your central management dashboard via our award-winning Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™. If the system detects any abnormal changes, it will send an instant alert to the relevant party so that the problem can be dealt with immediately.

All data is stored and displayed on SmarterView, our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that can be accessed on any connected device.

How Orion Works Diagram - - Smarter Technologies

Key technology features
for smart support


Mains Powered

Draws minimal wattage, eliminating the need for fiddly battery changes or replacement units being sent through the post.


Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™

Maximises coverage with strategic gateway coverage.

  • Save time, money and resources

    Status Display

    Provides real-time data and actionable insights for proactive and preventative measures.

  • Fast asset recovery

    Motion Detection

    Motion detector and sound monitoring capabilities.

  • Optimise asset lifecycles

    Additional Smart Sensors

    Monitor wider data points with additional sensors; including energy consumption patterns, water monitoring, and security.

Here’s why caregivers and councils
choose our connected care solutions

Simple & Reliable

Simple & Reliable

Real-time data feed for effortless monitoring and control

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Easy installation and setup, minimising complexity



Non-wearable devices ensure user comfort and convenience



Low operational costs and maintenance requirements



Intuitive software interface for seamless management

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