Introducing FeverCam by Smarter Technologies

The Coronavirus has seen many companies adapt their product lines and services to fit new customer needs; from F1 firms becoming ventilator manufacturers to drinks companies turning to the production of hand sanitizers.

Smarter Technologies, a military and Crown Procurement Supplier, have turned their expertise in tracking and monitoring to answering a simple question that is being asked the world over:

“How do I vet the health of people returning to work after COVID-19?”

Smarter Technologies has built its legacy on asset tracking in the field, combining off-the-shelf technology like infrared cameras with proprietary software which operates over their private radio network – the Orion Data Network. Their robust systems are designed to ensure that personnel and vital equipment are not lost during manoeuvres in the field.

When the request to track the health of people walking into a building came along, it was a fairly straightforward commission to complete.

Facial recognition is simply the processing of a unique data source, and Smarter Technologies’ systems are made to process numerous data points at once. The real trick is to capture a person’s face, recognise it, record their temperature and send it to the relevant end party to act on the information. Moreover, it needs to be done simultaneously and in real-time.

Smarter Technologies’ FeverCam ticks all of these boxes, giving real-time alerts to first responders to allow them to act with haste.

The practical application is simple. Those who have not registered a high temperature can enter the building as per normal. If you are flagged with an unusual temperature, you are simply asked to step out of line for further assessment and potentially prohibited from entering.

The data accrued over the next few days will then allow for the in-depth tracking of contact made by flagged persons and help to trace the potential spread of illness. In this way, relevant people can be informed with speed and rapid action can be taken by the right response teams.

An evergreen approach to development means that even after the immediate threat has passed the platform will evolve, supporting users by providing continuous monitoring to ensure infection risks are not trafficked across a business. The initiative also provides staff with an assurance that they are not being exposed to customers or colleagues who are ill.

Smarter Technologies’ system can capture 30-40 people coming through an entrance per minute, vetting them and providing the first line in health defence. The application is fully scalable and can cover sports stadiums right down to individual offices. Companies can adapt the operation to fit their personnel and guest procedures.

Whether you are facing the everyday hordes of a commercial building, or a few hundred school kids returning to campus after the lockdown, the smartest solution is Smarter Technologies’ FeverCam.

Download our fever detection camera PDF here

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