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Canine Tracking Solutions

All over the world, individual dogs and canine units are trained and deployed to support, protect and entertain people. From search and rescue to military, police, herding, hunting, guarding, therapy, racing, TV and movies, dogs are valuable assets, and often much-loved and respected members of the teams who work with them too. Smarter Technologies’ canine tracking solutions use high-tech asset tracking devices and tracking collars to keep working dogs safe.

Track valuable canine assets in the line of duty

Our bespoke canine tracking solutions are connected to the Orion Data Network. You get real-time data on the dogs’ vital statistics to ensure they are healthy and protected at all times. You are also able to track their global positioning and pinpoint their location to rescue them if they sustain an injury or get lost or abducted.

The D360 Dog Tracking Collar

Smarter Technologies’ D360 dog tracking collar tracks the location and measures the temperature of working dogs in the military, police force and private security industry. This helps to ensure their safety in the field and in training. The canine tracking collar allows you to track, monitor and recover your working dogs as you would track any other valuable and important asset or personnel.

Why choose the D360 Canine Tracking Collar?

There are many simple dog tracking collars on the market, but our D360 Canine Tracking Collar has been custom-made for military dogs, police dogs and other service dogs. 

  • Accurate
  • Económico
  • Reliable
  • Durable

The D360 Dog Tracking Collar out-performs other canine tracking collars because it reports location and temperature data back to the handler and control room in near real-time. It uses a single AA battery and has been designed to suit canine behaviour:

  • Bite-proof
  • Waterproof and drool-proof
  • Rugged and durable
  • Lightweight 

Canine Tracking Collar Features:

  • Monitors your dog’s location and temperature in real-time

  • Reports on battery life, tilt and shock

  • No SIM, GPS or GSM

  • Uses a fraction of the energy required by GPS or GSM devices and works on a single AA battery

  • Bite-proof – high tensile integrated braided steel with deadlock

  • Waterproof

  • Lightweight

  • Rugged and durable

  • No expensive ongoing monthly subscriptions

  • Get an emergency alert if a dog’s temperature is critical

  • Choose from several different types of collar

How Our Canine Tracking Collar Works

The D360 Canine Tracking Collar connects to Smarter Technologies’ award-winning Orion Data Network. This network enables highly accurate data, even over long distances. It works even in the most remote and antagonistic environments. Data from the collar is transmitted via the Orion Data Network to a cloud-based management dashboard, which can be accessed on any connected device. The system can also be configured to send instant alerts if there are predefined changes in a dog’s location or temperature.

Canine Tracking - How it works

¿Qué es Orion Data Network?

Smarter Technologies’ privately-owned Orion Data Network is a low-power, long-range, real-time tracking and monitoring network being used the world over. Orion's proprietary, military-grade communication technology runs on low-power radio. With a set of smart sensors, tags and gateways, the Orion system sends real-time, automatic updates to your bespoke management dashboard.

Leer más sobre Orion Data Network.

¿Por qué elegir Orion Data Network de Smarter Technologies?

icono de simfree - Smarter Technologies Group
Sin tarjeta SIM

Sin costos asociados a GSM y dispositivos más pequeños.

icono de baja frecuencia - Smarter Technologies Group
Frecuencia más baja que GSM

Las etiquetas se pueden ver dentro de todo.

icono de energía reducida - Smarter Technologies Group
Requisito de potencia reducido

Las etiquetas duran años, no días.

icono multifuncional - Smarter Technologies Group

Rastrea, indica temperatura, movimiento, impacto y más.

icono de configuración remota - Smarter Technologies Group
Configuración remota

Puede recibir mensajes en todas las ubicaciones.

icono de cobertura - Smarter Technologies Group

500 ma 10 km por puerta de enlace.

icono de recuperación - Smarter Technologies Group
Capacidad de recuperación

Puede cambiar de digital a analógico para aumentar las capacidades de recuperación y la búsqueda de ubicación precisa.

icono de implementación rápida - Smarter Technologies Group
Despliegue rápido de infraestructura

Debido a la naturaleza inalámbrica de Orion Data Network.

Canine Tracking Collar Benefits

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Keep your working dogs safe, secure and healthy

icono de marca de verificación - Smarter Technologies Group

Determine when dogs are approaching overheating or over-exertion

icono de marca de verificación - Smarter Technologies Group

24/7 location tracking

icono de marca de verificación - Smarter Technologies Group

Cost-effective tracking solution

icono de marca de verificación - Smarter Technologies Group

Prevent costly and unfortunate animal losses or illness

Canine Tracking Collar Use Cases

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icono militar - Smarter Technologies Group

Military Dog Tracking

In the military, dogs support a variety of crucial activities, including detecting explosives, searching locations, crowd management, security and the protection of key installations and equipment. Tracking these valuable assets helps to keep them safe as they conduct these (often dangerous) activities.

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Protection Dog Tracking

Protection dogs provide a highly effective visual deterrent as static or patrolling sentries. They also detect, chase and restrain suspects, criminals and intruders, and can be used as an additional force for crowd control and ambush. Tracking these dogs and identifying their locations is vitally important.

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Fleet Monitoring Icon-01

Vehicle Search and Drug Detection Dog Tracking

Search dogs are deployed to search people, baggage, vehicles and other containers for drugs, ammunition, firearms, explosives and illegal human passengers. In an emergency situation, such as a vehicle driver absconding with a dog still on board, our canine tracking collars help for the quick location and recovery of the animal.

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Search Dog Tracking

Search dogs go ahead of their units to detect the presence of items such as pressure plates, weapons and explosives. Sometimes these dogs are far away from their teams or searching in buildings or built-up areas where they are not always in sight. Installing a tracking device such as the D360 Canine Tracking Collar can determine exactly where the dogs are as well as the precise location of their findings.

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Location Tracking Icon

Tracker Dogs

Tracker dogs are used to track missing and injured persons, escaped prisoners and criminals. Dogs are used to locate these people over a wide array of locations and terrains,  both in daylight and at night. These dogs can cover large distances and sometimes enter areas that are not easily accessible to handlers. Being able to track these tracker dogs is thus extremely useful, ensuring the safety of the animals as well as the quick recovery of missing persons.

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Icono médico y farmacéutico

Dog Health & Safety

Working dogs are often so focused and well-trained that they don’t stop to rest, even when they are exhausted or overheated. The D360 Canine Tracking Collar reports on real-time temperature data to help handlers can constantly monitor their condition. If a dog’s temperature starts to approach a critical level, the D360 Canine Tracking Collar will send an email and text alert to the handler. They can then recall, collect or move the dog to give them rest, sustenance and ensure their safety.

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Training & De-training

Working dogs are trained to the highest level to complete the task at hand. At the end of their service, these incredible animals are “de-trained” to normalise their behaviour and help them return to civilian life as human companions. During both the training and de-training process, there is a risk that a dog may escape or abscond. Real-time tracking is useful during this time to ensure the dog’s safety.

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