We have an extensive background in providing digital services to the UK’s public sector. Our fever scanning service has been designed in accordance with best practice guidelines issued by NCSC for cloud-based services. The FeverLink service employs 256-bit AES encryption (SSL) and two-factor authentication. Denial-of-service attacks are mitigated through the use of Microsoft’s Azure services and boundary protection.
The cloud service and its supporting infrastructure are hosted in UK datacentres that use Microsoft’s ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant Azure service. Smarter Technologies Group is Cyber Essentials Certified.
The service is secured by SSL 256-bit encryption with two-factor authentication. The service can be configured for roles-based access control, thus limiting administrative functions to approved users only.

System Requirements

The unit requires a UK 240v AC socket and RJ45 ethernet connection.
If the mains supply is UPS-protected, the unit will be unaffected. In the event of a power failure, the RJ45 connection would ideally need the customer’s network equipment to be UPS-powered.
Any PC, Mac or mobile device with a web browser and internet connection.
The service uses infrared for image capture, supplemented by two bright LEDs to light up the face. The unit will operate in the dark.
The equipment does not interfere with any other systems and uses an approved IR lighting frequency. The unit also includes a UHF communications channel (433Mhz)+.
We only offer a cloud-based service to ensure maximum service uptime and resilience in order to deliver a rapidly scalable service with infinite storage capacity.
The FeverLink platform can host unlimited camera feeds from a variety of camera types, including Infrared, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), Solar Static, Bullet and ANPR types. The service charge is for the platform capability, irrespective of camera type.
No; our dashboard provides a unique user interface that unifies various camera feeds into a single, secure web dashboard, which means that only one device is required to monitor the entire estate.
No; our dashboard provides a unique user interface that unifies various camera feeds into a single, secure web dashboard, which means that only one device is required to monitor the entire estate.


The cameras are extremely durable and splash-proof. They can operate outside, but require shelter as the warranty is voided by water damage.

Bright Sun
Yes, CE marked.
Yes, cameras come with a 12-month return guarantee.

FeverLink Software

Our software goes through a rigorous automated testing process that enables us to deliver an evergreen solution. The service will continually evolve, with new features deployed regularly.

The FeverLink system can be used independently and can be integrated with any pre-existing thermal camera infrastructure.

The service produces two live streams. One is the infrared heat map image; the other is a standard video feed. Each stream is overlaid with the temperature measurement.
The service dashboard is configurable to alert either digital alarms (SMS, popups, push notifications, emails) or analogue alarms (NO/NC circuit).
Yes; as above, through Normally Open (NO) / Normally Closed (NC) circuit switching.
The standard pricing includes administrative system access for five users. Additional users can be added at additional cost.
Yes! This is our unique selling point over all other systems which simply have a local ‘view only’. Our platform is capable of handling trillions of transactions per day and has an API for integration with other systems. For example, integration with building management and access control systems to open the door in the event of a ‘pass, approved’ temperature reading.
Due to the resilient nature of cloud services, the data is replicated across multiple UK based datacentres and the customer does not need to worry about backup and recovery.
The platform is ‘evergreen’ and will benefit from continual service improvement and feature enhancements.

Facial Recognition

This is a feature enabled by default within the platform. It can also be turned off.

The facial recognition component is hosted in our cloud service to ensure rapid processing. The default pricing model includes 500 facial recognition matches lookups, with options for more if required. You can enter the names of staff against the matched images, or we can provide additional services to interface with other systems and use an existing picture database such as a building access control service.

Our facial recognition service is constantly evolving. It produces a percentage match score against each image which produces a GUID per image. Through our API, the service can interface with other systems.

Data & Reporting

The service defaults to 30 days of data retention with options to extend the retention period and align with the local country’s data privacy legislation (e.g. GDPR). As a secure cloud-based service, data storage can be infinite.
The service is hosted in an ISO27001 certified, secure, UK-based cloud service which is GDPR compliant. Our operations are assured by the Cyber Essentials certification for the handling of data within our services.
All data can be exported/interfaced with other systems. We will work with you to define specific requirements to ensure effective information asset handling and security.
Regulations vary by country. It is the responsibility of the user to display appropriate notifications and adhere to the local guidelines.
Management reporting is highly configurable and customisable, with data export via an API for detailed analytics (such as people count, occupancy etc.).


The units can be installed by the customer or any handyman/CCTV engineer/electrician. We can also offer local installation at an additional charge (day rates apply).
Approximately one hour per camera to install and test.
We will supply free training videos and we also have a dedicated training team (costs available upon request). We offer online webinars on request for user training as well as a 24/7 support line.
Yes, the charges will be the same as a typical CCTV contract.
The unit will automatically reboot into an active state and reconnect with our secure cloud service once power is restored.

Yes; Speak to our experts for a bespoke quote.

The standard package includes 30 days for base package (500 facial lookups per month), with additional storage available at an additional cost.
Yes, storage can be adapted to each customer requirement. There will be upgrades to both the number of monthly facial scans and length of time data can be stored.

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