In the UK, coronavirus lockdowns saw a surge in criminal activity, with opportunistic thieves taking advantage of deserted business premises. This has underscored the need for smart security systems to protect assets and people going forward. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies, businesses are looking to smart solutions to optimise their everyday processes and meet shifting needs. The best smart security system is cost-effective, yet powerful enough to give detailed insights and early alerts. They are also notably effective at counteracting business’s security vulnerabilities.

What to look for in the best smart security system

With so many different systems out there, it is beneficial to tailor security systems with easily integrable hardware. Here are a few features to look out for.

Multiple locations

If your commercial interests are dispersed over multiple locations, top smart security systems will give you the benefit of a dynamic, real-time view irrespective of distance, remoteness, or number of sites.


Hardware should combine simplicity of use with progressive design – to fit within the broader smart building ecosystem. The best smart security systems incorporate more ‘traditional’ hardware like cameras and laser beams with things like pressure pads, motion sensors, pressure pads, and advanced access control features. Smart technologies, while serving a pivotal role in security, can also inform in-depth surveillance when it comes to atmospheric changes, smoke detection, and so on.

Installation and integration

Ease of installation is an important factor for any new system. Many business and building owners have already invested in security measures over the years – and smart technologies do not need to render these obsolete. The best smart security technologies integrate seamlessly with existing CCTV and access control systems to complement and enhance existing processes.


Leading smart security solutions are linked to a dashboard which selected personnel can access anywhere, anytime. These cloud-based solutions give a consistent, real-time view of operations – and also serve a record-keeping purpose.

Custom notifications

While access control, door and window breaches, and unauthorised access are commonplace security concerns, the best smart security systems offer customisable notifications. This means you receive an alert based on pre-defined occurrences, giving you the chance to act immediately and effectively.

Enhanced tracking and recoverability

Smart security systems should be discreet, wireless, and long-lasting. Commercial theft usually occurs around high-value items and equipment, which makes recoverability a critical consideration. This goes in hand with reduced chance of disruptions and mitigated losses.

The advantages of smart security systems

The top smart security systems have advantages over traditional security measures. These benefits include:

Elevated asset, staff, and customer safety

Taking care of your employees should be at the top of your priority list – and a smart security system shows a commitment to their wellbeing. Leading smart security systems also make provision for lone workers (which has a compliance benefit) or any vulnerable members of your workforce – even in remote locations. Asset security and preventing vandalism naturally has an effect on your bottom line, with customer safety also having a bearing on your reputation.

Reduced false alarms

False alarms are resource intensive, cause disruption, and come at a cost. As smart security systems are aimed at precision metrics, the chances of a false alarm are minimised.

Expedited response

Whether your business has been targeted by opportunistic thieves or well-organised professional criminals, time is of the essence when responding to burglaries and robberies. Immediate alerts mean accelerated response times, which aids in recoverability and securing convictions.

Remote control

Smart security systems are usually linked to cloud-based, remotely accessible dashboards. This means, no matter where you are, you stay connected to your business security at all times.

The potential impact of crime on business


Theft of critical assets or damage to premises can involve costly business disruption. In the event of inadequate insurance, this can be very serious – sometimes requiring businesses to close. Business disruption is also bad for business reputation.


Theft comes at a cost to your business. Whether paying for repairs to damaged property or supplementing insurance pay outs, this is an expense businesses often have to absorb. This has a knock-on effect for your customers on the price they will pay for your goods or services. Smart security systems are an invaluable investment for mitigating expenses associated with thefts.

Insurance premiums

If your business is a regular target for theft, this will be reflected in your insurance premiums – an almost unavoidable operating cost. By enhancing recoverability, smart security solutions may assist in keeping insurance premiums as low as possible.

Find the best smart security system to outsmart criminals

Smarter Technologies offers a range of smart security solutions for businesses. Passive infrared sensors, pressure pads, wireless laser beams, motion sensors, and security cameras send real-time data via the secure Orion Data Network to assist in daily security functions. Monitor everything from access control to undesirable changes anywhere in your premises to secure your business interests in the smartest way possible.

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