As countries around the world roll out the COVID-19 vaccine, issues around the pharma cold chain appear frequently in the news. At the best of times, the pharma cold chain is incredibly important to human health and wellbeing. The pandemic has underscored the importance of pharma cold chain logistics companies’ abilities to adapt to challenges. A major source of adaptability has been the adoption of technology. Through rapid, smart digitalisation, these companies are turning to data to drive change.

The integrity, safety, and effective delivery of pharmaceuticals is critical and real-time monitoring and data insights have proven to be the toolkit these companies need to meet demand. Let’s examine some of the common challenges and how smart technologies are presenting solutions at this high-impact time for the pharma cold chain.


THE CHALLENGE: Full Visibility for Pharma Cold Chain Logistics Companies

One of the primary challenges is that pharma cold chain logistics are predicated on multifaceted operations. From production to distribution and storage, the cold chain of medicines needs strict temperature monitoring, with a short window for warmer temperatures before these are said to be contaminated or ineffective. When it comes to temperature monitoring, the biopharma industry loses around $35 billion annually due to temperature control failures. This situation is poised for change.

THE SOLUTION: Real-Time Monitoring and Temperature Parameters

Smart cold chain logistics solutions offer real-time monitoring of moving assets throughout the cold chain. Improper controls on this front can lead to losses in many forms – from theft to inventory and supply management and damaged merchandise. Temperature sensors, location tags, and lid sensors deliver actionable alerts throughout production, storage, delivery, and warehousing. This leaves no point of the cold chain unchecked.

THE CHALLENGE: A Siloed Approach to the Different Cold Chain Elements

The idea of data-driven decision-making is great in theory. Traditionally, this is rarely practically achieved by pharma cold chain logistics companies. The supply chain needs to be viewed holistically to effectively use data as a strategic tool.

THE SOLUTION: A Digital Overview from Source to End-User

As with many other industries, pharma cold chain logistics companies stand to benefit from retrospective analysis of data to streamline future operations. Smart technologies connect every touchpoint along the cold chain, with data insights accessible from a remote dashboard. End-to-end data insights have the ability to provide preventative and prescriptive solutions, rather than reacting once it is too late. Combined with historical data, this comprehensive data view is a powerful tool for pharma cold chain logistics companies.

THE CHALLENGE: Harmonised handovers from pharma cold chain logistics companies to hospitals and outlets

When it comes to product handover, many customers in the healthcare industry operate within the bounds of deeply specific receiving requirements. Thus healthcare presents a situation where suppliers need to be attuned to the needs of their customers to ensure delivery of the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right time.

THE SOLUTION: A Granular View to Guide Pharma Cold Chain Logistics Companies

Smart technologies provide real-time monitoring of goods to ensure the integrity of every delivery is maintained. This standard of visibility makes for high-level inventory management at every stage of the cold chain.


Rigid compliance regulations surround these elements of the pharmaceutical industry. This means pharma cold chain logistics companies tend to face a heavy administrative burden, with strong demands around transparency and accountability.

THE SOLUTION: Cloud-Based, Automated Record-Keeping

Smart technologies replace many manual processes with automated ones for the purposes of compliance record-keeping. Data is securely delivered in real time and stored on a remotely accessible dashboard. This system of cloud-based, automated record-keeping removes instances of human error and maintains exceptional standards around compliance reporting.

COVID has changed everything

As with many things, the pharma cold chain will find itself changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed around the world, the challenges facing pharma cold chain logistics companies will be highlighted in front of a global audience. In displaying resilience, these companies will pivot in response to this historical milestone.

Pharma Cold Chain Logistics Companies are Taking the Smarter Route

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