A look at why smart building solutions are creating desirable investment opportunities

With more people working from home now than ever before, tenants are looking for more than just bricks and mortar. Instead, smart building solutions that incorporate strong connectivity and tech-enabled elements are not only becoming increasingly important but also, a much better investment for property owners.

The value of technology

As people’s homes become new, temporary work environments, the value that technology adds is clear. A recent survey of 1,000 SMEs found that the average worker could waste up to 72 minutes daily because of tech issues and unreliable internet. With the spread of Covid-19 forcing more and more businesses to move online, the importance of strong, fast and reliable connectivity is becoming clearer than ever to potential tenants.

Property consultants, Cluttons, report that as many as 78% of landlords have been able to achieve rent increases due to improved connectivity and 72% have been able to avoid reductions in occupancy rates.

Future-proof your profits

However, smart building solutions have much more to offer than just connectivity. New sensor technologies mean that landlords can track areas such as energy usage, occupancy rates, temperature, movement levels and even ventilation within a building. 

Moreover, because smart buildings provide greater control over environmental factors, they can also play a role in people’s mental and physical health. Features such as sophisticated lighting systems, temperature sensors and climate control apps allow landlords to improve not only the quality and comfort of their building but also the wellbeing of its users.

This idea of wellbeing is especially important when considering the findings from a report by the Health & Safety Executive. The study found that 25.7 million UK working days were lost to work-related ill-health during 2016 and 2017 alone. The detrimental effects of this on business are obvious, which is why it is not surprising that so many organisations recognise the importance of their employees’ mental and physical health. 

Of course, the ability to monitor and easily adjust building systems also means a better bottom line, particularly where individual systems such as lighting are linked to sensors that can significantly reduce unnecessary energy usage. 

Large corporations are also subject to the UK’s climate policies, such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). This EU directive, adopted into UK law, makes it mandatory for businesses with over 250 employees, or an annual turnover of €50 million, to undertake periodic energy assessments and compliance with government recommendations. 

When considering that 72% of digitally unconnected spaces could become obsolete in the near future, these technological improvements suddenly appear to be a very smart investment indeed. 

Smarter Technologies’ smart building solutions

Smarter Technologies gives housing providers and site development companies full visibility of their entire building using real-time notifications, alarms and asset tracking. 

Offer ing highly scalable systems to suit all manner of budgets and facility types, Smarter Technologies customised dashboard lets you observe and monitor your entire premises, asset by asset. 

Smart Lighting

Switch out your current bulbs with our smart LEDs which give you ultimate control of your lighting systems. You can choose from any colour and lighting temperature. More importantly, you can set specific times of operation with automatic shutdown if the building is vacant.

Energy Monitoring and Control

Our state-of-the-art Orion Data Network allows you to monitor your building’s utilities to identify where energy might be wasted, where costs can be reduced and where you can further diminish your carbon footprint. You’ll benefit from automatic electricity load balancing, sub-metering solutions and peak power output control.

Smart Tags

Run your equipment more efficiently with our smart tags, which allow you to track everything you need to in your building. With dynamic control and efficient reporting on all your assets, you will benefit from insight-driven decisions which promote profitability.

Contact us today to see how Smarter Technologies’ smart building solutions can benefit your business.