Farm crime is on the rise – so much so that insurers NFU Mutual have urged farmers to take extra precautions as winter approaches. According to a report in Press and Journal, rural crime has peaked between October and December in recent years – with a £54 million cost to the industry in 2019. Larger farms, by their very nature, are even more vulnerable. In response, the insurer has prompted farmers to beef up farm security systems using physical, community, and technology.

Large farms pose a unique set of challenges, including the following:

  • Dispersed assets
  • Remote locations
  • Potentially vast distances
  • Far from local law enforcement
  • Lone worker vulnerability

In many instances, these factors render traditional security measures ineffective – with often organised thieves able to operate with ease in these locations. Smart security systems are putting control back into the hands of farmers, giving them real-time data insights and alerts no matter where they are.

Benefits of smart farm security systems

Access control

Smart technologies are easily integrated into existing security systems to provide enhanced access control. A system of tags, sensors, and pressure pads make for enhanced electric fence monitoring and perimeter protection. Long-range, long-lasting technologies provide alerts on any breaches across multiple access points and fence lines – no matter how remote or dispersed.

Secure assets

Within the farm’s perimeter, CCTV, motion sensors, pressure pads, and tags act to further secure assets. This is achieved by alerts around unauthorised footfall, opening of storeroom windows or doors, and movement of individually tagged assets. By strategically tagging high-value or high-threat assets, you can monitor – and manage – their safety, even from afar.

Protect your farm from every kind of threat

In large farming operations, it’s not always strangers and trespassers who are responsible for criminal activity. Smart technologies can be implemented to measure fuel, fertiliser, and feed levels – allowing you to monitor even small changes with accuracy. Whether you are dealing with opportunistic criminals or an inside job involving workers, these data insights keep you informed of any and all undesirable changes.

Monitor many different metrics 

 Farm security isn’t all about crime. Smart technologies also report around other metrics for safety. For example, reporting on noxious gases and smoke detection plays a role in both security and safety on large farms. This helps farmers to react immediately and mitigate losses.

Livestock safety

Livestock rustling is on the rise, with £3 million worth of livestock stolen up to April 2020. Wearable smart technologies like GPS cattle collars make tracing the whereabouts of livestock – even in cases of remote grazing setups or multiple locations – both simpler and smarter

Increase chances of recoverability 

Real-time tracking and monitoring supports recoverability and chances of conviction. Wireless tags and sensors with long-lasting battery capabilities transmit accurate, consistent data around location and condition of the assets, which helps police in arrests and recovery of goods.

Safeguard your entire supply chain 

Smart technologies can be implemented throughout the supply chain. This provides farmers with real-time data to ensure everything is running as it should, which has the knock-on effect of boosted efficiencies and minimised shrinkage.

Make smart farm security systems your farm’s strategy

Simple to use, easily integrated smart security systems are becoming more and more accessible to farmers – and are shifting standards around farm security. The smart farm security systems from Smarter Technologies are perfectly suited to large farm environments. No matter the size of your operations, this combination of solutions provides a dynamic, granular view of your whole farm. By customising alerts around what matters, these actionable insights are a highly effective tool for safety. Protect profits by investing in smart asset security solutions for your farm. Contact Smarter Technologies today to find out more.