The UK’s CO2 emissions have been reduced by 38% since 1990. There are a few reasons for this, but one of them is more responsible energy usage by industry and residential consumers – accounting for an 18% drop in emissions. As environmental concerns mount, so the importance of managing our greenhouse gas emissions grows. As you strategise around how to reduce your carbon footprint, the collection of data is always a powerful first step in effecting change.

Smart technologies are giving businesses detailed insights into energy consumption and empowering change – with benefits for both the environment and your bottom line.

How to reduce your carbon footprint with smart technologies

The move to net zero

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As businesses aspire to achieve net zero carbon, simple beginnings include reduced emissions and energy usage and a move to greener, renewable energy sources. Smart technologies give insights on usage, providing the information to change processes with reduced emissions in mind.

IoT and green buildings

Smart technologies around utilities can be used on their own or as part of a business’s broader green building architecture. In general, many smart technologies can inspire greener, more sustainable business practices where data is used to maximum effect. This can be attributed to detailed, accurate data collection – and this data can then be analysed to inform decision-making and strategy.

Smart consumption reporting

Across multi-site operations, over entire buildings, and down to a single piece of equipment, IoT utilities solutions are simplifying consumption reporting. Things like retrofitted smart meters and sub-metering solutions are invaluable infrastructure for effective energy monitoring. With insights that drill down to energy patterns on a micro level, you have the chance to make the most of every opportunity to reduce usage and so your carbon footprint.

Smart energy management

Smart IoT utilities solutions are all about precision. Automated meter readers provide alerts which drive high-level energy management, including automated peak usage warnings. By strategising around peak usage and devising a peak usage management plan, you reduce the burden on the grid and stand to cut business costs at the same time. This is easily achieved via data, allowing you to identify high-usage equipment and act accordingly.

Power supply management

Data is sent via the Orion Data Network to a bespoke dashboard and alerts can be calibrated according to your specific needs. This means constant, real-time notifications on power surges and outages. This system also has two-way capabilities, which means electrical devices can be automatically and remotely started and stopped.


Smart technologies streamline machine and equipment maintenance in a variety of ways. The more well-maintained equipment is, the better it tends to be for the environment. Smart technologies provide accurate, detailed records on the day to day operations of machines. They have the capability to report on changes in terms of vibrations, emissions, heat, noise, and other metrics – signs that equipment is not running as efficiently as it could be.

A smarter start to carbon efficiency

If your business is interrogating how to reduce your carbon footprint, the IoT utilities solutions from Smarter Technologies are both simple and cost-effective. Seamlessly integrated into your operations, the real-time data insights are a vehicle for sustainable change and enhanced efficiencies.

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