Humidity Monitoring Sensors

smart Humidity 
monitoring sensors

Moisture management systems to monitor and manage humidity levels in real time to maintain an optimal environment.

Whether your industry is pharmaceutical, transportation or manufacturing, the right humidity monitoring solution gives you the confidence that your conditions are remaining in spec, allowing you to quickly respond to protect your assets if any variations occur. Smarter Technologies' moisture management systems provide continuous monitoring and real-time alerts to help you track humidity fluctuations in specific locations to prevent costly failures.

Features of our smart fire safety devices

  • Real-time, 24/7 humidity monitoring Real-time, 24/7 humidity monitoring
  • Conveniently store humidity data records and track trends over time Conveniently store humidity data records and track trends over time
  • Instant alerts in case of humidity fluctuations Instant alerts in case of humidity fluctuations
  • Wireless; battery-operated Wireless; battery-operated
  • SIM-free SIM-free

Temperature monitoring system benefits

Stay compliant with humidity specifications

Save time with automated humidity monitoring

Prevent economic losses related to products

Maximise energy efficiency

Create comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient environments

Gain data insights for better decision-making and optimisation

How our smart humidity monitoring works

Smart Humidity Sensor

Enabled by Smarter Technologies' Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™, our humidity monitoring system is wireless, easy to install and provides accurate data and reporting. Humidity sensors are easily and quickly fitted wherever you need them. These sensors are connected via a gateway to Orion, which relays condition data to your bespoke building management platform. With this data, you can remotely manage humidity levels and take action when required to keep humidity levels stable.

Humidity Monitoring Dashboard

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