Smart logistics management

Smart Logistics Management

Comprehensive smart logistics tracking and management to increase your supply chain productivity and profitability.

Become digitally transformed

Reduce inefficiencies

Save time, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Lower operational costs

Unlock your data potential

Access logistics visibility software

Manage your goods every step of the way with smart logistics tracking

Smarter Technologies' smart logistics management solutions allow you to manage your global assets in real time and reduce commercial costs. With real-time data on all important assets and personnel, your business can reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Affordable technology
  • Robust security
Smart Buildings

Features of 
smart logistics tracking

  • Bullet point Visualise locations and manage critical goods in real-time
  • Bullet point Anticipate, investigate and resolve any factors that may damage your cargo
  • Bullet point Access control on depots and inventory management
  • Bullet point Digitalised proof of delivery
  • Bullet point Protect valuable cargo and staff operating alone
  • Bullet point Retrieve and recover lost or stolen cargo
  • Bullet point Reduce insurance liability

Benefits of full logistics visibility

  • Bullet point Remain agile and respond quickly
  • Bullet point Reduce inefficiencies and manage your inventory better
  • Bullet point Predict maintenance
  • Bullet point Minimise the chance of theft
  • Bullet point Streamline field operations and improve delivery speed
  • Bullet point Improve the productivity of your employees and partners
  • Bullet point Reduce waste and ensure the integrity of the products in transit
  • Bullet point Provide better customer service
  • Bullet point Improve supplier processes and relationships

Smart logistics management Use Cases

Pallet Tracking

Improve visibility of pallets and associated assets in your supply chain and increase supplier accountability and transparency.

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Protect your beer kegs from theft with real-time visibility and tracking throughout the supply chain.

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Transportation condition monitoring allows you to control real-time temperature and maintain the integrity of the cold chain.

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How our smart logistics management works

Your goods are equipped with small, robust tags and sensors that operate on a 30-second data cycle when in motion and every two minutes when stationary. These devices transmit real-time data on the location, temperature, condition and safety of your assets via Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™. You'll also receive real-time alerts from your smart logistics platform to inform you of unexpected events.

Full logistics tracking and control from SmarterView

Smarter Technologies' Orion tags are accompanied by SmarterView, a cloud-based logistics visibility platform that can be accessed through any smart device, putting a full overview of your logistics operations into the palm of your hand. Get proactive with real-time condition monitoring and have your reports automatically generated and uploaded to your personal dashboard.

Smarter Buildings Dashboard


  • Save time, money and resources Real-time alerts
  • Fast asset recovery Real-time visual status of all tags, sensors & statuses
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Two-way communication to tags
  • Maximise productivity Real-time error notifications


  • Save time, money and resources Daily/weekly/monthly - your choice
  • Fast asset recovery Automatically compiled and sent
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Historical records on demand
  • Maximise productivity Easy to export and send

Get in touch to learn how you can monitor, track and recover assets as they move around your supply chain.

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