Military high-value asset tracking

Military high-value 
Asset tracking

High-Value Asset Tracking
for Military & Defence

Comprehensive Asset Tracking, Monitoring, and Crime Prevention Solutions

Unlike other high-value asset tracking providers, Smarter Technologies offers comprehensive and highly effective tracking and monitoring solutions as well as crime prevention and recovery services.

Providing a first-class solution capable of efficiently addressing the unique needs of military and defence entities, we are also equipped to recover lost assets, managing the entire recovery process with the help of a team of highly trained specialists.

Military Base Asset Tracking

Our military base asset management and tracking solutions are uniquely designed to provide top-level security for military bases, offering a bespoke, easy-to-manage view of all your high-value assets, in real-time.

We can help you track, monitor and control:

Medical Supplies

The Benefits of Smart Asset Tracking


Improved security

Keep your base safe at all times with real-time alerts and error notifications


Real-time data

Obtain an accurate visual status of your assets, with daily/weekly/monthly audits of all relevant equipment and historical records on demand

Enhanced visibility

Enhanced visibility

Enjoy 24/7, 360-degree visibility of all assets, at any time, with guaranteed coverage in remote areas


Increased efficiency

Make decisions based on intelligent data, and easily manage all physical assets and reports, saving both time and money


Full control

With our solutions, you are in control. You choose what you see, how often you receive reports and what is included – everything is customised to your needs

Remote Configuration

Replace outdated technology

Eliminate the risks associated with manual tracking and legacy technology, minimising inaccuracy and inefficiency and allowing you to more easily comply with military-level requirements

Limitless applications

Limitless applications

With the ability to easily integrate with other security systems, we can provide a range of additional applications

Successful Recovery Solutions of High-Value Assets

Overseen by Smarter Technologies’ Head of Global Risk, Mark Roche, a trained specialist in high value smart asset recovery, our solutions have achieved the highest rate of recovery in the UK, with a 95% asset recovery rate and over £40 million having been recovered in the last 15 years.

Working in partnership with the police, our expert recovery team can:

Deal with resource allocation and prioritisation following the theft

Work with troops on the ground to locate the tracker

Liaise with the police and take care of statements

Become involved in court cases

Provide expert advice throughout the whole process

Smarter Technologies’ devices are able to communicate directly with the police, which is of utmost importance in ensuring successful asset recoveries.

With an in-depth understanding of typical criminal behaviour, our team is able to stay ahead of their tactics. However, the quality and efficiency of our solutions ensure that criminals are less likely to steal the asset in the first place.

Learn more about our ‘secret weapon’ stopping thieves in their tracks.

Why Choose Smarter Technologies:
A Proven Track Record

We have completed several successful asset-tracking concept demonstrations, trials and system implementations for the UK Defence sector, at RAF stations, RN bases, army installations and on operations.

Our solutions have been shown to be successful in improving asset management, increasing logistic efficiency and aiding defence against organised crime.

  • Save time, money and resources Successful capability assessment trials of Smarter Technologies’ asset tracking systems with the UK MoD at His Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Devonport have successfully demonstrated both our proven track record of stolen asset recovery, as well as the effectiveness of our systems in improving asset management, mission assurance and operational efficiency
  • Fast asset recovery Our solution is demonstrably well-suited to Defence Support’s ambition for logistic excellence
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Our solution has been operationally proven to be a steppingstone to Business Modernisation for Support (BMfS) and other key initiatives
  • Maximise productivity Our military asset recovery systems have been recognised with over 15 commendations from various regional Serious Organised Crime Units
  • Minimise waste 95% recovery rate for all asset recovery operations

Our Solutions

Our high-value asset tracking solutions are powered by Orion, The Real-time Data Network™, the world's largest LPWAN IoT network that can penetrate concrete ammunition bunkers, large fuel installations and even underground facilities without affecting munitions, radio systems or sensitive equipment, which makes it highly effective for military and high-value asset appplications.

SmarterView is the data monitoring software for Orion, a cloud-based system that offers a complete view of your data in one single platform, providing powerful, real-time insights. It can be accessed from any smart device, displaying entirely customised dashboards.

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