Mining Asset Management

Mining Asset Management

Smart mining asset and equipment tracking solutions for safety, 
standardisation and optimisation.

24/7 visibility

24/7 visibility

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Save time and costs

Save time & costs

Real-time data solutions for optimal asset management in the mining industry

Smarter Technologies’ mining solutions provide your business with high levels of automation and business intelligence, allowing you to create highly efficient standard processes. Our mining asset management software and environmental sensor solutions can make your mine more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly—while also ensuring safer working conditions for your personnel.

  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Reduce risk
  • Save time and money
  • Improve your bottom line

Smarter Technologies’ mining asset management software gives you real-time, actionable data at your fingertips – at any time, from anywhere.

Features of our mining asset and equipment tracking

Features of our
mining asset and equipment tracking

  • Bullet point Track, monitor and recover mining assets, equipment and personnel
  • Bullet point Plan, schedule and record operations
  • Bullet point Automate and standardise mining industry asset management processes
  • Bullet point Monitor environmental changes to reduce risk and ensure worker safety
  • Bullet point Move from preventive to predictive maintenance schedules
  • Bullet point Discover the optimal routes for vehicles and moveable machinery

Benefits of smart mining asset management

  • Bullet point Optimise mine layout
  • Bullet point Overcome maintenance challenges
  • Bullet point Reduce the need for manual intervention
  • Bullet point Ensure safety and compliance
  • Bullet point Ensure that your mining equipment is always properly maintained and ready when you need it
  • Bullet point Prolong your mining asset lifecycle
  • Bullet point Enable predictive maintenance
  • Bullet point Eliminate human error and waste
  • Bullet point Reduce your costs, insurance premiums and carbon footprint

How our smart mining asset monitoring works

Orion is an award-winning, low-power digital data network consisting of specially-designed gateways and tags. Smart tags are attached to any assets on your mine, and data from these tags is transmitted via Orion to your bespoke dashboard in real time.

SmarterView mining asset management software

Smarter Technologies' Orion tags are accompanied by SmarterView, a cloud-based mining asset management platform that can be accessed through any smart device, putting a full overview of your operations into the palm of your hand.

  • Reports, alerts and alarms can be programmed to arrive instantaneously on any connected device.
  • The system’s streamlined analytics and reporting give you the information you need to take action.
  • Data is also fully integrated with your internal systems so that you can use this information to switch from preventative to predictive maintenance schedules.
Smarter Buildings Dashboard


  • Save time, money and resources Real-time alerts
  • Fast asset recovery Real-time visual status of all tags, sensors & statuses
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Two-way communication to tags
  • Maximise productivity Real-time error notifications


  • Save time, money and resources Daily/weekly/monthly - your choice
  • Fast asset recovery Automatically compiled and sent
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Historical records on demand
  • Maximise productivity Easy to export and send

Mining asset management software Use Cases

Mining Asset Tracking

Our bespoke covert and overt mining asset tracking, monitoring and recovery systems allow you to track the location of your mining equipment so that it is always available when and where you need it. This becomes particularly relevant as self-driving machinery becomes more popular in the industry to improve safety, as well as time and cost savings.

The Orion’s geofencing capabilities allow you to set location parameters for equipment and people so you can tell when they move outside of safe or authorised zones, by mistake or as a result of criminal activity or an emergency situation. You can then take quick action to rectify the situation.

In the event of an accident or emergency, Orion helps you to locate your people and recover your machinery:

  • Reduce the risk of serious injury
  • Save lives
  • Minimise financial loss

Our environment sensors and micro weather station solutions can be combined with our asset tracking applications for a fully integrated, automated system for asset management in the mining industry. This location and geological data build a multi-dimensional picture of your mine. As a result, you can optimise your mine’s layout, streamline your operations, determine even the minutest change in environment (such as air quality or pressure), and optimise your vehicles’ paths to create a safer environment for your workers.

Wireless carbon monoxide sensors running over the Orion network provide real-time carbon monoxide detection, giving you instant notifications on your mobile phone or laptop. These battery-powered sensors have an operational lifespan of over three years per charge.

Our micro weather station sensor solutions determine environmental states and changes and provide insights over the Orion Data Network. This enables you to maintain the state and integrity of your environments and products and improve the safety of your personnel.

Asset management in the mining industry is made simpler with smart mining asset management software. With a real-time, complete view of your operations, personnel and equipment, you can clearly see what mining inventory you have at all times. The Orion Data Network also feeds back on important factors such as equipment and component temperature, vibration, pressure and speed.

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