The spread of COVID-19 has intensified the need for new technology in healthcare. 

In response to COVID-19, health authorities have been quick to adapt to new technology in healthcare to help them deal with the pandemic.

Old ways of working are no longer efficient when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus, and our healthcare systems need to be able to evolve at the same pace and scale at which we are seeing the virus spread. Because of this, new technology in healthcare, such as the use of artificial intelligence to care for patients has quickly become commonplace.

Embracing the shift

Before the pandemic, digital solutions to healthcare were already becoming more attractive. Impressive results, for example, have been documented when using images to identify diseases such as breast and lung cancer or glaucoma – rivalling the accuracy of human specialists.  

Another incentive encouraging hospitals to embrace new technology in healthcare is the fear of staff shortages that is expected to occur once the pandemic is over. It has been suggested that traumatic events can cause an exodus of doctors and nurses who want to change their way of life – propelling the need to look for alternative ways of operating.

Why medical technology is important 

From healthcare asset tracking to client monitoring, the advent of this technology has proven to be essential in assisting hospitals and clinics improve both the cost and care of their organisations, all while operating under extreme pressure. 

Smarter Technologies is one such company that has the technology needed to respond to this crisis. We have created revolutionary asset management and security solutions that are designed to prolong the healthcare asset lifecycle; saving time, money and ultimately lives.

How new technology in healthcare has saved lives

With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing at an unprecedented rate, the ability to track and monitor hospital beds, ventilators and PPEs has become crucial to saving lives. Healthcare Asset Tracking allows healthcare providers to keep track of their equipment, making sure that equipment and medical supplies are readily available. This seemingly minor adjustment means that staff can spend less time seeking the right medical supplies and more time treating the patients in their care. The tech can also monitor the condition of medical equipment, sending immediate alerts in the case of any damage or dysfunction so that it can be replaced timeously.

How medical technology can benefit a patient

Another important technology that has enabled health services to work more smoothly is the ability to monitor patients in real time and to exchange healthcare information. This information is then used to understand behaviour patterns – allowing professionals to make accurate healthcare-related decisions that ultimately improve the wellbeing of their patients and enables a much faster response in a medical emergency.

The data is used by doctors and pharmacists to understand a patient’s prescription drug history by providing immediate insight into recently used drugs, diseases, symptoms and treatment methods. A further benefit of this data is the ability to track and analyse the most frequent hospital visits and those who have the highest total cost of care.

New Technology in Healthcare: Smarter Medical Solutions

Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network creates end-to-end medical asset tracking solutions that use state-of-the-art low-poer radio, IoT and GPS technology to track the location, status and condition of your medical facility’s assets. It allows you to create predictive models and perform diagnostics across your asset portfolio at every point along your supply chain.

The Orion Data Network’s bespoke management dashboard can be accessed at any time, from anywhere and real-time reporting is available every 15 seconds when assets or personnel are in motion, and every two minutes when they are stationary.

Smarter Technologies’ smart medical solutions can help keep your business safe and fully operational with revolutionary asset management and security solutions that are designed to save time, money and ultimately lives.

Healthcare Asset Tracking

Smarter Technologies can equip your medical equipment with a state-of-the-art tag allowing you to keep track of your equipment. The condition of the equipment is monitored for any damage or dysfunction to ensure timeous replacement. 

Client Monitoring

With the ability to monitor your patients in real time, you can analyse anomalies in their data, allowing you to make accurate healthcare-related decisions that will ultimately improve their wellbeing.

Medical Supplies Monitoring

We can assist you to remotely monitor your pharmaceutical equipment, drug components and end products at all times. This will give you the ability to create predictive models and provide you with diagnostic support at every point in your supply chain.

Blood Transport Monitoring

We will help you to monitor the transportation of blood across the country. Our blood transport monitoring solutions also allow you to monitor the temperature of the blood so that it arrives in a suitable and compliant condition.

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