Smarter Technologies: Supporting the Communities in Which We Operate

Smarter Technologies: Supporting the Communities in Which We Operate

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July 4, 2024

Smarter Technologies Group has made a donation to Newcastle Dynamo Football Development – supporting the team with a donation for kit and equipment.  

Newcastle Dynamo Football Development is affiliated with the Northumberland Football Association and the u14 coaching provides weekly, one-hour sessions to introduce girls to football.  

For Smarter Technologies Group, the donation is a continuation of our Nationwide Community support programme for local Community groups that are instrumental in supporting their local communities. 

Supplying market-leading IoT hardware, software, and proprietary communications, Smarter Technologies is a digital solutions company grounded in its people-focused approach to business success.    

“At Smarter Technologies, equality and diversity are among our key values,” said Mark Read, CEO at Smarter Technologies. “We offer our full support to the team, girls, and coaches – and welcome the opportunity to help celebrate girls’ football as representative of broader ideals.”  

The benefits extend into the community, creating job and leadership opportunities; connecting girls, coaches, parents, and supporters; and promoting social cohesion.  

About Smarter Technologies  

Smarter Technologies Group will help to digitally transform your organisation with our market-leading expertise in hardware, software and proprietary communications.   

Smarter Technologies tracks, monitors and recovers assets across the globe in real time, providing asset tracking systems to the open market and fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Our services cover a vast array of business sectors, products and equipment from container or pallet tracking to military-grade devices; and can be used across a broad spectrum of industries.  

As a leading IoT company, we also provide smart building solutions for modern businesses, offering wire-free, battery-powered and low-cost IoT smart sensor technology. Our solutions will put an end to scheduled maintenance and help businesses utilise their building’s efficiency, benefitting from real-time alerts and facilities management tools that will bring them into the 21st century.

Contact us today to see how Orion™ The Real-Time Data Network can benefit your business.

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