Smarter Technologies showcases Orion IoT data network capabilities to aid defense against organized crime. 

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April 13, 2023

Smarter Technologies, the leading British provider of Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions, recently concluded a successful capability assessment trial of their asset tracking systems with the MOD at HMNB Devonport, with follow-on demonstrations now also planned for HMNB Portsmouth and other military establishments.  Their unique Orion IoT Data Network, and its associated tracking tags and sensors, is a persuasive capability, with a proven track record in other sectors: over the last 15 years, it has helped recover over £40 million of stolen assets (including cash), working directly with security firms and supporting regional police Serious Organised Crime Units. 

Smarter Technologies’ high-value asset tracking capability has been honed with the expert advice and support of Mark Roche (Head of Global Risk at Smarter Technologies).  Mark has over 20 years of direct experience and expertise in the organised crime world, both as a Covert Police Officer in Serious Crime Units, and from his dedicated high-value asset recovery role at Smarter Technologies.  Using the Orion Network and specialist tracking devices, Smarter Technologies has a 95% recovery rate for high-value assets that have been suitably protected by their system, and the capability is in permanent use with many of the world’s leading security companies.   Mark’s phenomenal national recovery rate, using Smarter Technologies’ Orion system, has been recognised with over 15 commendations from various regional Serious Organised Crime Units.  His efforts have not only recovered the stolen goods, but the technology has also provided the necessary evidence to ensure arrests and convictions.

Smarter Technologies’ high-value asset tracking capability is multi-functional and uses the unique Orion IoT data network technology, which has far greater range, penetration, sample rate, power efficiency and security than rival systems.   The Orion IoT data network is a low power, ultra-narrow band 433 MHz UHF radio system that can penetrate concrete ammunition bunkers, large fuel installations and even underground facilities, without affecting munitions, radio systems or sensitive equipment, so is highly suitable for use at naval dockyards, air bases and other military establishments.  Its unique properties help to defeat organised crime, but they also make the Orion network enormously versatile for a range of other tasks such as routine asset tracking, smart metering or remote monitoring across large military estates and dispersed building complexes.  The signal is all-but guaranteed and it is rarely affected by dead-spots or range limitations that cause other systems to fail. Its specifications and technical operation are consistent across all regions of the world and it is unaffected by the European channel availability constraints that limit the performance of rival technologies.  It is simple, scalable, easily configured and can be deployed rapidly and globally, making it particularly suitable for use in Defence.

Matt Walker, Product Manager for Orion at Smarter Technologies, said, “This incredible track record of stolen asset-recovery showcases the asset-tracking effectiveness of our unique Orion IoT Data Network.  We recently reported on the success of the MOD Devonport trial, which applied Orion’s impressive capabilities to meet the requirements of the Future Maritime Support Programme, and we will shortly announce further demonstrations at other MOD establishments.”  He added, “Many thanks to Mark and the team for all their hard work and superior skill in helping to defeat organised crime.” 

High Value Asset Tracking using Orion IoT Data Network

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