Smart occupancy monitoring system

Occupancy Monitoring System

Collect accurate occupancy data to make informed decisions and optimise your operations

Improve profit margins

Real-time data

Energy control at a whole new level

Live availability

Operate within ESG frameworks

Monitor space usage

Stop wasting time on occupancy estimates - get accurate, real-time data

As modern spaces become smarter, the concept of occupancy monitoring is gaining popularity. With the advent of smart building technologies, facilities managers have access to various IoT sensors that provide a comprehensive picture of building occupancy. Using sensors, Smarter Technologies can perform two different types of occupancy monitoring, which can be implemented separately or combined to make a single, total solution. These smart occupancy monitoring systems provide accurate, real-time information on space occupancy.

Smarter Technologies’ occupancy monitoring systems

De Flow Monitoring and Heat Mapping

A people-counter sensor is placed on a wall in a large area, such as a corridor or hallway, to monitor continuous flow. The sensor is a state-of-the-art light detection and ranging device known as LIDAR.

LIDAR scans people going left and right with a high degree of accuracy, recording numbers and pointing out patterns and heat maps.

De Flow Monitoring and Heat Mapping

Desk Occupancy Monitoring

A Passive Infrared Radiation (PIR) sensor attached to the bottom of a desk follows a simple concept: the PIR sensor reads the space underneath the desk. When a person sits down, their body triggers the sensor and is read as ‘occupied’. When they get up or move away, the field before the sensor empties and the desk is read as ‘unoccupied’.

Who can benefit from smart occupany monitoring?

Military operations

Corporate environments

Universities and schools


Call centres

Hotels and hospitality

Unique features of Smarter Technologies’ occupancy solution

Simple to move around

All of Smarter Technologies’ kit is plug-and-play, meaning that you can easily move the sensors around to maximise your output or to change with any rearrangements of your office.

Fully integrable

Smarter Technologies’ occupancy monitoring sensors are fully integrable with other systems and can plug into existing networks if necessary.

Benefits of smart occupancy monitoring systems

Within the modern business, understanding traffic flow has a direct impact on your bottom line.

  • Become a data-driven business Reduce energy consumption: Reduce your utility costs for heating, equipment, and lighting by understanding occupancy throughout the building.
  • Real-time data, analysis and reporting allows for better utility management Maximise space usage: You can increase staff productivity by providing optimum room layouts, the right number of meeting rooms, and the right amenities within them.
  • Identify wastage Increase staff and customer comfort: Improve your business experience and retention of clientele with ideal considerations and conditions.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint Optimise working times: Match cleaning and maintenance schedules with your data on occupancy for a seamless, optimum business flow.

How our Occupancy Monitoring System Works

An occupancy monitoring system requires the deployment of sensors in a building. These sensors can detect an individual’s presence at entrances, desks, offices, common areas, and any other building spaces.

Enabled by smarter technologies' Orion The Real-Time Data Network™, our smart occupancy monitoring system is wireless, easy to install and provides accurate data and reporting.
How occupancy monitoring works

Use Orion, the Real-time Data Network™, for optimum results

With Orion and its unique system of gateways and sensors, all occupancy sensors report to a few gateways. The data is then delivered in real-time to a bespoke dashboard on our proprietary SmarterView™ platform, which is cloud-based and can be accessed at any time, from any connected device. Our smart occupancy monitoring system is wireless, easy to install and provides accurate data and reporting.

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Occupancy Monitoring System Use Cases

Real-time space utilisation management

Desk occupancy and flow monitoring have a large impact on space utilisation and allow you to receive consistent, real-time and historical data on space utilisation. Using SmarterView™, this data is recorded and presented as heat maps and charts to help support strategic decision-making.

Real-time space utilisation management

In the modern age of remote and hybrid working, hotdesks and agile working need to be fully supported. Smarter Technologies’ solutions offer you the ability to create a desk hotel service, rapidly pointing out free areas for employees to work and presenting a seating plan that is easy to navigate. Real-time occupancy monitoring enables the effective management of offices, desks and meeting rooms. With visibility of the utilisation of different areas of the building, staff have instant access to information about space availability. This avoids double-bookings and minimises time spent searching for available spaces.

In retail, occupancy montoring allows business owners to align their sales and staff to the heaviest traffic times by understanding the movement of their customers. Retailers can pinpoint their power hours with absolute accuracy, increasing their conversions in peak hours and reducing the need for staff or overheads in the quietest parts of the day. They can also identify which areas receive the most foot traffic and strategically place relevant products accordingly.

Using occupancy detection sensors with a smart building management system allows facilities managers to make informed decisions about space allocation in the workplace. By generating an overview of how efficiently space is being used, an occupancy monitoring system can then drive space optimisation strategies. With accurate occupancy information at their fingertips, facilities manager can report on the maximum, minimum, average, and peak usage of workspaces. With a complete picture of the usage status of the building, managers can implement organisational-wide optimisations that take all rooms and buildings into consideration.

Occupancy monitoring systems help to improve tenants’ and workers’ comfort levels by optimising HVAC functions based on the number and density of occupants. The software also ensure proper lighting conditions while helping organistions save on energy costs.

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