Smart Pallet Tracking Technology

Smart Pallet Tracking Technology

End-to-end visibility and comprehensive data to proactively manage pallets along the supply chain.

Become digitally transformed

Save on operational costs

Save time, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Reduce insurance premiums

Unlock your data potential

Provide a better customer experience

Real-time smart pallet tracking technology

Smarter Technologies’ container tracking and pallet tracking solutions give you real-time end-to-end asset visibility to prevent the loss, theft and damage of your containers and pallets.

  • Monitor, track and recover your pallets throughout the shipping supply chain
  • Proactively manage pallet use and maintenance

Why choose Smarter Technologies’ smart pallet tracking technology?



Get instant alerts to any connected device if your cargo moves outside of predefined geographical locations.


Real-time Data

Check that the right product is reaching your production lines in the right quantity and meeting quality assurance guidelines.

Military & Defence

Condition Monitoring

Along with location data, the system can monitor a wide range of container and pallet conditions, depending on what is most important to you and your business.


Efficient Fleet Management

Armed with accurate, real-time business intelligence you’ll be equipped to make intelligent, insights-driven business decisions.


Automation & Optimisation

Our system allows you to automate your asset management throughout your supply chain for greater accuracy, efficiency and time and cost savings.

Oil & Gas Plants

Environmentally Friendly

Achieving the maximum lifecycle of your pallets and containers is more cost-effective for the business and leads to a reduced carbon footprint.

Features of smart pallet tracking

Features of 
smart pallet tracking

  • Bullet point Manage inventory throughout the supply chain in real time
  • Bullet point Use data and predictive analytics to streamline and automate your business processes
  • Bullet point Instant alerts on temperature, latitude, longitude, battery life, shock or tampering
  • Bullet point Small, discreet tamper-proof and weatherproof container tags
  • Bullet point Integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and software
  • Bullet point Fully scalable from site to site and project to project

Benefits of a pallet tracking system

Fulfil regulatory requirements

Save time and money recovering lost pallets and containers

Increase pallet availability and lengthen asset lifetimes

Reduce your operational costs

Prevent under-utilisation and over-capacity

Reduce your insurance premiums by reducing risk

Improve overall performance and delivery times

Combat theft, attacks, smuggling and trafficking

Identify supply chain weak spots and bottlenecks

How our smart pallet tracking technology works

Your goods are equipped with small, robust tags and sensors that operate on a 30-second data cycle when in motion and every two minutes when stationary. These devices transmit real-time data on the location, temperature, condition and safety of your assets via Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™ to SmarterView, your customised, cloud-based dashboard. Alerts and alarms on the status of your assets can also be programmed to arrive instantaneously on any connected device.

Full pallet tracking and control from SmarterView

Smarter Technologies' Orion tags are accompanied by SmarterView, a cloud-based logistics visibility platform that can be accessed through any smart device, putting a full overview of your operations into the palm of your hand. Get proactive with real-time condition and location monitoring and have your reports automatically generated and uploaded to your personal dashboard.

Smarter Buildings Dashboard


  • Save time, money and resources Real-time alerts
  • Fast asset recovery Real-time visual status of all tags, sensors & statuses
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Two-way communication to tags
  • Maximise productivity Real-time error notifications


  • Save time, money and resources Daily/weekly/monthly - your choice
  • Fast asset recovery Automatically compiled and sent
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Historical records on demand
  • Maximise productivity Easy to export and send

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