The cost of rural theft is on the rise as organised criminal gangs target livestock and high-value equipment and machinery. That’s why many farmers are looking into a smart GPS tracking device for livestock. 

In the 2020 Rural Crimes Report, insurance company NFU revealed that rural theft in the UK had risen by almost 9 percent since 2019, making it the highest recorded increase in eight years. Despite a slight reduction in crime under lockdown, many believe that the negative economic impact of COVID-19 will escalate this trend even further, adding extra pressure to farmers. 

For the second year in a row, the sharp rise in crime was linked mostly to thefts of high-value tractors, quad bikes and other farm vehicles. Livestock theft also contributed to the rise – with initial figures suggesting an increase of nearly 15 percent. There is no doubt that these crimes are being committed by organised criminal gangs, and the latest figures from The Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC) reveal that £329,000 of stolen machinery was recovered by Police Scotland between April and June 2020. Inspector Alan Dron, who coordinates SPARC activity, believes that increasingly serious organised crime groups (SOCGs) are targeting and influencing rural crime. 

Authorities advise the following measures as a way to deter criminals: 

  • Lock your vehicles in a garage or building and make sure to remove the keys or store them out of view of any windows 
  • Prevent passers-by from looking through windows by covering them 
  • Install security lighting and CCTV cameras with sensors and alarms on the perimeter of your premises 
  • Secure your machines using heavy duty security chains and padlocks 
  • Lock the brakes on your machines with a grip lock to prevent them from being moved 
  • Record machinery serial numbers and take photographs for reference. If the machine is ever stolen a photo will increase the chances of recovering the machine. 
  • Fit a GPS tracking device for livestock  

To protect themselves from this new wave of organised crime, many farmers and rural businesses are turning to technological solutions such as GPS tracking devices for livestock. 

Smarter Technologies’ GPS tracking device for livestock 

With our GPS tracking device for livestock, farmers gain remote visibility on the location of their livestock. Our GPS cattle collar tracks and monitors the location of every individual in the herd, helping farmers prevent livestock theft, track and recover stolen animals, quickly count stock, detect unusual behaviour and so much more. 

How does a GPS cattle collar work? 

The collar sends out a signal every 15 minutes, straight to a livestock management dashboard, allowing you to remotely monitor the location of your animals at any time, from anywhere. You can also set up specific geofences and alerts to notify you if your livestock moves out of a designated area. 

The benefits of a GPS Cattle Collar 

  • Farmers can track and monitor their livestock 24/7 
  • They help to ensure the security of the herd 
  • They help to protect livestock from organised crime 
  • They reduce reliance on manual labour 
  • They allow a fast response in an emergency, helping to save the lives of livestock and personnel 
  • They eliminate the need for costly IT hardware and support 
  • They can help to attract a new generation of tech-savvy employees 

Combined with our other smart farm solutions, our GPS cattle tracking collar allows you to manage your farm and livestock with more ease and accuracy. 

Smarter Technologies’ smart farm solutions 

Together with GPS cattle collars, Smarter Technologies works with farmers to create bespoke solutions to track, monitor and recover stolen assets. Our Orion Data Network system feeds back real-time data on the location, health and security of your livestock and other valuable assets, providing much-needed peace of mind for farmers wanting to protect and secure their businesses and homes. 

Some of Smarter Technologies’ other tracking and security solutions include door and gate sensors, perimeter protection, electric fence theft monitoring, motion sensors and pressure pads. When combined, access to this critical data can play a pivotal role in assisting local authorities when arresting and convicting organised criminal gangs. 

Contact us today to find out more about how to secure and protect your livestock from theft, injury, natural disaster and organised crime.