Smart site visibility and security

Smart Site Visibility and Security

High-risk sites benefit from smart solutions for real-time asset tracking, monitoring and security.

24/7 visibility

24/7 visibility

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking

Insightful data analytics

Insightful data analytics

Smarter Technologies’ smart site visibility and security solutions keep your operations safe

Powered by our proprietary network, Orion, the Real-time Data Network™, our sensor and software technology creates truly interconnected and interoperable sites and operations. Use our system of smart sensors and tags to connect and manage all systems, processes, machinery and assets. With access to real-time data, you’ll be able to keep your site safe and transform manual processes into remote, digital and automated systems.

Features of smart site visibility and security

Features of
smart site visibility

  • Bullet point Real-time visibility of all your assets
  • Bullet point Track and monitor key infrastructure
  • Bullet point Complete site management and asset control
  • Bullet point Real-time equipment and subcontractor performance monitoring
  • Bullet point Real-time predictive and preventative data analytics

Benefits of smart site visibility

Track and recover assets at any time

Minimise loss and maintain high production levels

Streamline processes and increase efficiency

Increase productivity

Save time and money

Reduce your carbon footprint

Improving health and safety

How our site visibility solutions works

Smarter Technologies’ OrionTM, The Real-Time Data Network is an award-winning, low-power digital data network consisting of specially-designed gateways and tags. Smart tags are attached to any assets in operations, and data from these tags is transmitted via Orion to your bespoke dashboard in real time.

SmarterView site visibility software

Smarter Technologies' Orion tags are accompanied by SmarterView, a cloud-based asset management platform that can be accessed through any smart device, putting a full overview of your operations into the palm of your hand.

Smarter Buildings Dashboard


  • Save time, money and resources Real-time alerts
  • Fast asset recovery Real-time visual status of all tags, sensors & statuses
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Two-way communication to tags
  • Maximise productivity Real-time error notifications


  • Save time, money and resources Daily/weekly/monthly - your choice
  • Fast asset recovery Automatically compiled and sent
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Historical records on demand
  • Maximise productivity Easy to export and send

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