Council IoT Consulting

Council IoT Consulting

Enable informed decision making and operational 
planning with real-time data and analytics.

Become digitally transformed

Optimise asset life cycles

Save time, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Significant cost-savings

Unlock your data potential

Improve sustainability

Your council 
IoT partner

Do you want to

  • Reduce council costs?
  • Create a better environment for your community?
  • Attract more visitors to your cities?

Smarter Technologies provides council IoT consulting to help stakeholders design, build and install smart asset management and security solutions.

  • Cost-effective
  • Green
  • Sustainable
  • Scalable

Smart council management

With smarter technology solutions, public services have the opportunity to work more efficiently and create smart councils and cities. Using our Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™, we create asset, waste, building and people monitoring, management and security solutions for government-owned urban development areas, ports and beaches, town centres, shopping malls, universities, parks and public transit.

Features of a smart council solution

Features of a
smart council

  • Bullet point Real-time monitoring of every local council assets, personnel and the local community with real-time data, reporting and alerts
  • Bullet point Measure changes such as location, temperature, movement, air quality, level, tampering, tilt and shock so you know the state of your assets
  • Bullet point Optimise vehicle usage, street parking, routes and access control
  • Bullet point Use data to optimise resource efficiency

Benefits of Building Energy Management Software

Solve operational issues

Promote sustainability

Work towards ESG goals

Collect critical data

Engage with the community

Improve services

Create a smarter city for residents and visitors

Reduce your city’s carbon footprint

Optimise asset life cycles

Enable significant cost-savings and higher productivity

How does our council IoT consulting work?

Orion and a system of connected sensors allow you to track, monitor, secure, report on and recover your valuable council assets in real-time, allowing you to optimise their value and vastly improve your sustainability, accountability and reputation management.

  • Council utility management and smart meters for electricity, water, gas
  • Smart waste management for recycling and bin collections
  • Smoke alarms in public institutions, schools
  • Smart street lighting with remote maintenance alerts
  • Maintenance of council housing, public buildings
  • Smart posters and public signage
  • Hospitals – critical equipment monitoring
  • Patient care – optimising environments for the elderly and vulnerable persons
  • Educational – building and asset management for schools and universities
  • Event management – smart security solutions for concerts, gigs, and sporting events
  • Airport access control and inventory management
  • GPS tags reduce theft and increase productivity on sites
  • Shipping ports container optimisation
  • Traffic management, speed control and congestion management
  • Smart parking management with enhanced asset visibility and access control
  • Rail/Metro Lines – Motion Sensitive tags prevent theft of high-value cables
  • Cash in transit (CIT) monitoring
  • Asset theft prevention
  • High-value asset tracking
  • Retail tracking
  • Remote CCTV integration
  • ATM tracking solutions
  • VIP security tracking

Make the transition with council IoT consulting

Smarter cities and councils can be built gradually, service by service, or in a larger transformation programme that involves rebuilding the entire infrastructure.

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