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Real-time utility monitoring and control for marinas, leisure and residential parks

With today’s escalating energy and water costs, understanding customers’ individual energy consumption and ensuring accurate billing has never been more crucial. Smarter Technologies’ wireless, real-time metering solutions offer retro-fit and complete smart pedestal solutions for your sites.

Ideal for:


Holiday parks

Touring parks

Residential home parks

Smart leisure features

Leisure Office

Leisure Office Management

Control and manage your facility's utilities using your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Utility Leisure

Utility Meter Readings

Get real-time utility meter readings without the requirement for manual labour.

Switch Leisure

Switch Services On/Off

Remotely switch on/off your facility’s utilities instantly.

Customer Leisure

Customer App

Allow customers to pre-pay or post-pay for services using an app so you get paid quicker and easier.

Additional Leisure

Additional monitoring

Our tech seamlessly integrates with your existing software and systems to provide an end-to-end solution for centralised asset management.

Accurate Billing

Accurate Billing

Simply run a utility consumption report from SmarterView to accurately bill customers based on their exact usage.

Smart leisure benefits

With pedestal monitoring, operators and owners can:

  • Save time, money and resources Manage your facility’s services anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Fast asset recovery Access real-time energy consumption data
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Monitor and manage usage
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Ensure accurate billing for every kW
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Increase revenue
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Produce on-demand individual consumption statements
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Reduce power consumption on communal areas
  • Save time, money and resources Demonstrate energy efficiency and simplify ESG reporting
  • Save time, money and resources Enable digital and automated payments
  • Save time, money and resources Automate user access
  • Save time, money and resources Identify any unusual behaviour
  • Save time, money and resources Automate alerts
  • Save time, money and resources Ensure a seamless experience for both owners and visitors

Energy monitoring solution options

Choose the right smart pedestal solution for your needs:

Standard solution - smart utility monitoring

Gain access to the SmarterView platform for real-time utility metrics and detailed consumption reports.

Seamless monthly billing and check out

Simply run a utility consumption report from SmarterView to accurately bill customers based on their exact usage for any date/day/time period required.

Revenue protection

Set and control the cost per unit in your admin dashboard.


This solution is designed to be cost-effective, retrofit, quick and easy to deploy across your site.

Premium solution - remote usage and user management

Customers pre-register via an app according to your user journey. Collect payment details in advance or allow billing in arrears for berth holders.

Power sockets will remotely switch ON once user is approved – and OFF when user disconnects.

  • Save time, money and resources Reduce management time
  • Save time, money and resources Improve revenue collection
  • Save time, money and resources Provide a premium leisure management service
  • Save time, money and resources Put the control in customers' hands with auto top-ups
  • Save time, money and resources Bespoke user journeys for visitors and berth holders

Pedestal options

Pedestal Leisure

Retrofit existing Pedestal

Retrofit Orion technology to upgrade your existing pedestals, transforming them into intelligent power hubs.

Install a new orion-embedded pedestal

Give your site a complete makeover with a new, fully Orion-enabled pedestal, a groundbreaking advancement in power infrastructure.

Smart pedestals cater to single and three-phase setups and allow customers to scan a QR code and download an app for easy, digital utility payments and consumption tracking.

Water Meter Leisure

Water Monitoring

Our solutions also include water monitoring capabilities for accurate tracking and billing.

Additional Monitoring Solutions

Simplify and Centralise Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

Smarter Technologies' Smart pedestals uses low-power, proprietary, patented wireless IoT technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing software and systems to provide an end-to-end solution for centralised asset management.

By leveraging the power of Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™’s real-time monitoring and intelligent data, we bring together all aspects of leisure facility management into a unified platform.

This integration allows you to efficiently monitor a wide range of parameters:

  • Save time, money and resources Temperature
  • Fast asset recovery Air quality
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Humidity
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Smoke
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Voltage
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Motion
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Tamper
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Location
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Legionella
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Asset tracking/ monitoring
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Tank levels
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Car park monitoring
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Security

How it works

Smart pedestals transmit real-time data to your central management dashboard via our award-winning Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™. If the system detects any abnormal changes, it will send an instant alert to the relevant party so that the problem can be dealt with immediately.

All data is stored and displayed on SmarterView, our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that can be accessed on any connected device.

With the premium solution, customers pre-register via an app, allowing them to pay for their utility consumption in advance or in arrears.

How Orion Works Diagram - - Smarter Technologies
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About Orion

Orion is the world’s largest unified LPWAN IoT network that securely delivers real-time data monitoring and end-to-end IoT smart solutions.

Orion is an affordable technology created for asset tracking, logistics, network infrastructure, and many other services. Our team of expert developers can also design, build, test and deploy bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Learn more about orion

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