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Digital transformation for the automotive supply chain

In today’s fast-paced environment, automotive industry leaders need to commit to long-term digital transformation to remain competitive. Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions help you achieve your digital transformation goals, streamline the automotive supply chain and improve your customer experience.

Our state-of-the-art smart automotive solutions are:

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With our smart solutions, you can:

  • Optimise and protect your valuable automotive assets
  • Automate inventory and maintenance
  • Manage the planning, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement of your assets
  • Comply with government and environmental guidelines and regulations
  • Reduce downtime of assets and employees
  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce time to market, speed up delivery and sales and lower costs
  • Increase overall productivity to save time and money

How it works?

Smarter Technologies uses low-power radio, GPS and IoT solutions to optimise the supply chain and support digital transformation in the automotive industry. Through a system of tags and gateways, you can track any asset or employee to discover their location and status. The system then feeds back in real-time data over the Orion Data Network 24/7, giving you a complete view of your automotive sites and supply chain so you can easily manage your asset lifecycle and save time and costs.

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Orion comprises a system of gateways and GPS and non-GPS tags:

Ethernet will plug and play directly into your existing internet infrastructure

Mobile gateways give you mobile network coverage

A fully independent satellite solution for your remote locations

The Orion Data Network passes encrypted data over the licence-free 433 frequency. Its long-range, low-power data enables real-time tracking anywhere within any Orion zone, and the 256-bit encrypted network is one of the most secure networks in the world. The system is flexible so you can decide what kind of services you need to fit your organisation and budget. It can also be easily integrated over an API to any of your servers.

Bespoke enterprise resource planning software and mapping will provide everything your organisation requires to locate products and resources throughout their lifecycle. On your tailored dashboard, you’ll be able to view your entire logistics workflow in a single glance— at any time, from anywhere.

Save time and money across your entire supply chain

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Smart Automotive Supply Chain Solutions

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Asset Tracking

The ability to locate assets and have comprehensive site visibility is crucial on protracted locations. We provide custom-built, smart automotive asset tracking solutions that enable your plant or facility to function efficiently and effectively without the need for costly traditional tracking technologies. Our wireless, sim-free low-power radio smart sensors report data every 30 seconds when in motion, giving you real-time site analytics on your bespoke asset management dashboard.

The Orion tags can transmit in both digital and analogue mode for passive and active asset tracking. In the analogue mode, you can use a hand-held directional scanners to actively track individual items that have been lost or stolen.

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Factory and Manufacturing

When Orion technology is utilised at the manufacturing stage and built into the vehicles or attached to components, you can keep track of the vehicles and component parts across all dealerships throughout the country. This allows you to streamline your processes and ensure that spares are available for construction, testing and maintenance purposes.

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Automotive Customer Value

Orion can be used to improve your customer experience by identifying customers’ vehicles when they arrive for maintenance, upgrades or special services. You can identify the customer and view their history and requirements over the Orion Data Network and, where necessary, match them to a loan vehicle while theirs is being repaired.

Adding value to your customers in this way puts you ahead of the competition while also making customer interactions much faster and easier for your employees.

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Car Parking

Smarter Technologies offers car parking solutions for any business type. Sensors, controllers and servers are used to establish the capacity of the parking lot in question and allow your business to track and monitor vehicles coming in and out.

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Automotive Logistics

Orion can be used to simplify long-range and global vehicle transportation and fleet logistics across the automotive supply chain. You can get real-time route optimisation and vehicle and driver performance reports delivered directly to your mobile device and set geofenced parameters and alerts if vehicles move outside the designated area.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Our ANPR software optimises the speed of your logistics services from start to finish, making the process of delivery, shipping and fleet travel far more efficient and cost-effective.

Vehicle Telemetry

Our hardware and software monitors key data related to your vehicles’ performance. This allows you to observe and report on your vehicles’ use at the touch of a button.

Automotive Applications Made Smarter

In each part of the automotive supply chain, utilising Smarter Technologies’ solutions results in more efficient operations, process automation, accurate real-time analytics for better business decisions, an enhanced customer experience and a considerable competitive advantage.

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Why choose Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network?

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SIM Free

No GSM associated costs and smaller devices.

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Lower frequency than GSM

Tags can be seen inside everything.

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Reduced power requirement

Tags last for years, not days.

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Track, indicate temperature, movement, shock and more.

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Remote configuration

Can receive messages in all locations.

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500m to 10km per gateway.

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Recovery ability

Can switch from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities and accurate location finding.

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Rapid deployment of infrastructure

Due to the wireless nature of the Orion Data Network.