Smart Food and Beverage Supply Chain Management

Smart food and beverage management solutions to keep your business safe and fully operational.

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Smart food and beverage management solutions for food safety and operational efficiency

If your business deals in food, it’s your responsibility to deliver high-quality food to the end consumer. The ability to do this directly depends on how the food is stored before it reaches the consumer’s basket. Maintaining adequate temperature and humidity levels can be achieved by properly monitoring your foodservice equipment at any time and from anywhere. Our smart sensors and tags help you achieve high levels of food safety, improve traceability, cut down on wastage and reduce the costs and risks across the different stages of food supply chain management.

Our state-of-the-art smart F&B solutions are:

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How it works?

Our smart food monitoring and tracking solutions use wireless, sim-free sensors and tags connected to the Orion Data Network to give you real-time visibility on the status of your products and equipment. Wireless and battery-powered, our Orion sensors will last for over three years per battery. They can be mounted in seconds, requiring no wires or mains power source.

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We install smart sensors to monitor necessary production state, shipping time, and temperature in containers to ensure that food products are stored in a suitable environment. Orion tags also automatically collect data from various assets as they move around your supply chain, providing a real-time overview of your supply-chain network.

Real-time monitoring and tracking data are presented on your bespoke dashboard, giving you a single source of information on all your food and beverage assets and activities. This data can also be used for compliance and reporting purposes.

Get smarter about food safety.

Real-time condition monitoring, asset tracking, affordable technology, and robust security come together in the Orion Network.

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Smarter Food Supply Chain Management Solutions

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Food Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Monitor and manage in the temperature and humidity levels of your chosen environment in real time and ensure you are keeping to food safety procedures and evidencing compliance.

Our food temperature cold chain monitoring sensors will help your business follow food safety guidelines with automatic and consistent monitoring of temperatures.

With real-time temperature tracking, our sensors allow you to closely monitor food safety data points, allowing your staff to act quickly on any potential issues, prevent wastage and ensure active cold chain management. On your tailored dashboard, you’ll be able to access automatically-created, HACCP-compliant temperature logs.

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Fire suppression

Food and beverage producers, suppliers and transporters use high-value equipment and infrastructure in their daily operations. In particular, much of the technology and panelling used in cold-storage facilities is flammable. Thus, it is essential to have resilient fire suppression systems in place to guard against the potential destruction of vital assets.

Smarter Technologies’ fire suppression tags work in a unique way—by integrating the tag within a high-pressure fire extinguisher’s tube, and wirelessly installed onto the relevant asset. In the event of fire, the tag detects a rapid rise in temperature and sends a signal to the tube to deploy the extinguishing agent and extinguish the fire at source.

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Food Supply Chain Management Logistics

Just like the logistics department of any other industry, food supply chain management can also use smart technology in their operations:

  • Automate the delivery and shipping processes that monitor and control the storage temperature
  • Track inventory in real time
  • Automate shipments based on requests or predictions for replenishment
  • Address market requirements
  • Decrease waste

Food & Bevarage Industry Made Smarter

By automating your systems and optimising your asset lifecycle for better transparency, control and scalability, you can lower your operational costs and improve your return on investment.

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Why choose Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network?

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SIM Free

No GSM associated costs and smaller devices.

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Lower frequency than GSM

Tags can be seen inside everything.

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Reduced power requirement

Tags last for years, not days.

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Track, indicate temperature, movement, shock and more.

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Remote configuration

Can receive messages in all locations.

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500m to 10km per gateway.

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Recovery ability

Can switch from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities and accurate location finding.

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Rapid deployment of infrastructure

Due to the wireless nature of the Orion Data Network.