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Protect your beer kegs from theft with real-time visibility and tracking throughout the supply chain

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Keg tracking for breweries & distilleries

Steel beer kegs are valuable assets at risk of theft, damage, poor handling and maintenance costs. With so many imported alcohol products, supply chains can be very long and involve a number of third parties. This further increases the likelihood of theft, damage and accidental loss. The best way to protect them from theft, loss and mishandling is to increase the visibility of their location and condition throughout the supply chain. This can be achieved using Smarter Technologies’ keg tracking solutions enabled by the Orion Data Network. Our keg tracking system delivers unparalleled real-time visibility and security for your beer kegs and containers wherever you are importing or exporting, all over the world.

Smarter Technologies’ keg tracking solutions

Enabled by our Orion Data Network, our beer keg tracking and tagging system enables real-time, 24/7 visibility over your entire fleet. This allows you to make informed supply chain decisions and protect your valuable assets. Our keg tracking system is designed to track containers, kegs and beer gas cylinders of all types and material. You get accurate data on the location, status and condition of all your beer kegs at all times.

Comprehensive keg tracking

Along with location data, Smarter Technologies’ keg tracking system reports on a range of business intelligence data based on parameters you can choose and program into the system.

  • Tag containers and kegs separately so that you always know the location of your individual assets
  • Add liquid level, temperature, tamper, shock, movement and tilt sensors to combat risks such as theft, accidental damage and overheating

Our tracking capabilities aren’t limited to kegs; almost any asset or application that requires real-time data reporting can join the network.

Keg Tracking
Unity Dashbaord- Smart Farming - Smarter Technologies

Bespoke distillery & brewery dashboard

We can design a bespoke, cloud-based asset management system solution for your brewery or distillery. Taking your business goals and supply chain risks into consideration, we can customise your data dashboard and reporting to include the precise information that you need. You can also choose a reporting format that suits the way you like to visualise data.

Features of a smart keg tracking system

  • Combined low-power radio and GPS beer keg tracking and asset security for real-time monitoring of kegs, containers, vehicles and people

  • Management system for the brewery and distillery industry

  • Create predictive maintenance and repurchase schedules

  • Limitless scalability

  • Anti-jamming technologies

  • Durable tags can be invisibly attached to kegs for covert operations

  • The Orion Gateway plugs easily into an existing Ethernet port

  • Long-range beer keg monitoring

  • Track temperature, motion, tampering and impact

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and software

  • Real-time, predictive and preventative data analytics

How the Keg Tracking System Works

Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network is an award-winning, low-power, long-range digital data network consisting of specially-designed gateways and tags. These tracking devices can be installed overtly as a deterrent, or covertly and invisible. Tags are attached to kegs and containers to ensure their safety at every stage of their journey. Tags report; gateways listen and send the data through to your bespoke dashboard. 

For truly comprehensive coverage, we have designed three types of gateway and three types of tag:

  1. Ethernet interfaces for convenient plug and play with your brewery’s existing internet infrastructure
  2. Mobile gateways that run directly over the Orion network so you have a clear view of your goods in transit
  3. An independent satellite option for when your brewery and distillery assets are in a remote location

The result of this advanced keg tracking system is total coverage, visibility and control.

With your bespoke management dashboard, you can have easy access to your data at all times. Reports, alerts and alarms can be programmed to arrive instantaneously on any connected device.

Keg Tracking - How it works

What is the Orion Data Network?

Smarter Technologies’ privately-owned Orion Data Network is a low-power, long-range, real-time tracking and monitoring network being used the world over. Orion’s proprietary, military-grade communication technology runs on low-power radio. With a set of smart sensors, tags and gateways, the Orion system sends real-time, automatic updates to your bespoke management dashboard.

Read more about the Orion Data Network.

Why choose Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network?

simfree icon - Smarter Technologies Group
SIM Free

No GSM associated costs and smaller devices.

low frequency icon - Smarter Technologies Group
Lower frequency than GSM

Tags can be seen inside everything.

reduced power icon - Smarter Technologies Group
Reduced power requirement

Tags last for years, not days.

multi-functional icon - Smarter Technologies Group

Track, indicate temperature, movement, shock and more.

remote config icon - Smarter Technologies Group
Remote configuration

Can receive messages in all locations.

coverage icon - Smarter Technologies Group

500m to 10km per gateway.

recovery icon - Smarter Technologies Group
Recovery ability

Can switch from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities and accurate location finding.

rapid deployment icon - Smarter Technologies Group
Rapid deployment of infrastructure

Due to the wireless nature of the Orion Data Network.

Benefits of a Smart Keg Tracking System

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Increase brewery and distillery supply chain visibility and efficiency

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Automate keg and container management

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Prevent beer keg and container theft and damage

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Extend keg, cask and container lifetime

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Invaluable business intelligence through data insights for better-informed decision-making

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Ensure product quality

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Reduce overheads, increase productivity, improve customer experience

Keg Tracking System Use Cases

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Keg Tracking - Prevent Damage Icon

Prevent Beer Keg Loss and Damage

Prevent theft with our smart keg tracking system that provides real-time, 24/7 visibility and sends instant alerts if an unplanned event occurs. Reducing your costs from beer keg loss, damage and theft improved profitability and supply chain and customers relationships.

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Location Tracking Icon

Recover Lost and Stolen Kegs Quickly

If your kegs or other assets are stolen or involved in an accident, our smart technology and professional team have an unparalleled recovery rate. We also have a great deal of experience in successfully liaising with the police on our clients’ behalf.

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Better Management and Maintenance

Trying to manage your keg fleet manually is a slow, labour-intensive process with margins for human error. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to make informed business decisions. With automated, accurate, real-time reporting at every stage of the supply chain, our keg tracking system allows you to quickly understand how to optimise your supply chain, and how you should schedule your preventative and predictive maintenance and repurchasing.

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Achieving Supply Chain Efficiency

The key to maximising efficiency in your beer keg supply chain is gaining greater visibility at every stage. You can then identify where theft or damage are occurring. By pinpointing pinpoint where beer keg damage and theft are occurring, you can prevent these losses and thus maximise the beer keg life—and your profits.

With real-time location data, you can:

  • Find the fastest and cheapest route for transporting your beer kegs
  • Meet your service agreements
  • Provide a better customer experience to your alcoholic beverage distributors as well as end-users such as restaurants and bars

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