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Optimising asset lifecycles and enable significant cost-savings in your city

States, county councils, district councils and local councils control multi-million budgets. They have fleets of vehicles and equipment and employ tens of thousands of staff. With smarter technology solutions, public services have the opportunity to work more efficiently and create smart cities.

Smarter Technologies works alongside councils to design, build and install cost-effective, green, sustainable and scalable, smart asset management and security solutions for every aspect of growing ‘Smart City’.

Our state-of-the-art smart government solutions are:

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We create asset, waste, building and people monitoring, management and security solutions for government-owned urban development areas, ports and beaches, town centres, shopping malls, universities, parks and public transit. The use of our Orion Data Network allows real-time monitoring of every local government asset, optimising asset lifecycles and enabling significant cost-savings and higher productivity for smart cities.

  • Solve operational issues
  • Promote sustainability
  • Collect critical data
  • Engage with the community
  • Improve services
  • Create a smarter city for residents and visitors
  • Reduce your city’s carbon footprint
Greater cost savings than comparable smart solutions in the market place.

How it works?

Smarter Technologies creates end-to-end asset tracking solutions utilising state-of-the-art low-power radio, IoT and GPS technology transmitting data over our privately-owned Orion Data Network. Supporting highly cost-effective and scalable applications, Orion is designed to reduce ongoing costs as well as reduce the environmental footprint within the area served.

Orion Network solutions can be configured to be discreet, covert or, in the case of some security solutions, an overt deterrent. They can also be powered in various different ways, including battery or solar. Orion tags can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors so that each solution can be multi-layered and multipurpose. All solution components take into account environmental considerations and are designed to be repurposed, saving space, time and money and promoting a more aesthetically-pleasing, greener cityscape.

The system utilises low-power radio and GPS tags and gateways with IoT-enabled sensors to track the location, status and condition of all your assets. A multitude of data sets is fed back in real-time on your customised management dashboard.

Enable informed decision making and operational planning with real-time data and analytics.

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Smart City Solutions

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Utilities smart meters for electricity, water, gas

Waste management – recycling, bin collections

Smoke alarms – public institutions, schools

Street lighting – remote maintenance alerts

Maintenance of council housing, public buildings

Smart posters and public signage

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Hospitals – critical equipment, blood samples, test samples

Patient care – elderly and vulnerable persons

Educational – schools universities, equipment, health and safety

Event management – concerts, gigs, sporting events, arts and craft

Pet tracking

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Airports access control and inventory management

Site management – GPS tags reduce theft and increase productivity

Shipping ports container optimisation

Traffic management, speed control and congestion management

Orion safe zones reduce crime such as cycle theft

Parking optimisation enhanced asset visibility and access control

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)

Rail/Metro Lines – Motion Sensitive tags prevent theft of high-value cables

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Cash in transit (CIT)

Asset theft prevention

High-value asset tracking

Retail tracking

Remote CCTV integration

ATM Tracking solutions

VIP security tracking

Public Services Made Smarter

Smarter cities can be built gradually, service by service, or in a larger transformation programme that involves rebuilding the entire infrastructure.

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Why choose Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network?

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SIM Free

No GSM associated costs and smaller devices.

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Lower frequency than GSM

Tags can be seen inside everything.

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Reduced power requirement

Tags last for years, not days.

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Track, indicate temperature, movement, shock and more.

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Remote configuration

Can receive messages in all locations.

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500m to 10km per gateway.

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Recovery ability

Can switch from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities and accurate location finding.

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Rapid deployment of infrastructure

Due to the wireless nature of the Orion Data Network.