FeverCam: Control your environment with thermal detection cameras and instant alerts

Actively scan the temperature of staff and visitors with facial recognition technology sending real-time thermal detection alerts.

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FeverCam is a compact, wall-mounted unit which allows users to get real-time, medically accurate thermal detection temperature readings upon entering a building. It can also detect whether or not a mask is in place. The camera can even link into door access control systems and therefore prevent access (and send an immediate alert) if someone has either a high temperature or is not wearing a mask.

All data is displayed and stored on FeverLink, a cloud-based dashboard that integrates with existing systems and infrastructure.

FeverCam thermal detection in action

Capture the temperature of anyone entering the business premises: FeverCam allows or denies access based on an individual’s temperature.

Cameras report into the FeverLink dashboard in real-time, which sends real-time alerts sent to appropriate staff when a high temperature has been detected in an individual.

Management reporting and trend analysis are enabled through facial recognition and data collection.

Automated workflows can be customised to business needs.

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FeverLink: a unified platform with real-time data reporting

All infrared cameras on your sites report into FeverLink, which allows you to conduct remote fever scanning and receive instant alerts on one secure dashboard.

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FeverLink is the most sophisticated online, multiple thermal imaging camera system on the market today. We built the platform using intellectual property developed as part of our ongoing work for the Ministry of Defence, who use our systems for asset and personnel tracking and monitoring.

Along with FeverCam cameras, FeverLink can seamlessly integrate with existing software and hardware to unify disparate camera feeds and technologies into a highly configurable workflow management dashboard.

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FeverCam Features

  • UK-developed

  • ISO 27001 certified secure data centre

  • Reports to FeverLink, a cloud-based dashboard

Control your environment with remote fever scanning and instant alerts.

Download the full PDF Fever Cam Document Here!
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Medically certified, real-time temperature testing

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On-the-move and static fever detection

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Facial recognition

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Real-time alerting

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Access control

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Secure, cloud-based service

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Full colour spectrum

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0.1s reporting time

Benefits of FeverCam Thermal Detection Cameras

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Manage people entering the premises without the need for direct human contact

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Protect your staff and environment

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Enhance your corporate social responsibility

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Ensure safety at work

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Demonstrate Duty of Care

A complete fever scanning solution

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Smaller, self-scanning camera that can be used for access control.

Feverlink fever detection dashboard - Smarter Technologies Group


Cloud-based dashboard with real-time temperature and facial recognition data that works with your existing security cameras.

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FeverCam requirements

Camera comes with a plug for connection to mains power.

Installation using a bracket on the wall near the door.

Camera must be connected to the ethernet.

You can download the FeverLink app onto any connected device.

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