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Along with asset tracking and monitoring, Smarter Technologies provides a complete IoT software service that includes design, development, infrastructure and hosting. We develop software on the server-side as well as firmware for integrated devices. Our tailor-made turnkey software solutions work alongside your smart sensors for real-time IoT application, asset visibility and management.

The IoT software design process depends on your needs and circumstances:

Rapid application

Appropriate when you are experimenting with new devices, gathering data and mapping existing business logic to the process.

Structural, formal design

Where a clear requirements document can encapsulate everything.

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IoT Software API Integrations

We offer a variety of application programming interfaces (APIs) customised to suit our customers’ needs. APIs are a method by which applications can receive and/or send data to other applications and databases.

By integrating different endpoints, devices and systems, we ensure that your asset management software is fit-for-purpose and provides you with the data you need to inform effective business decision-making.

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Bespoke Mapping Software

The ability to see all your tracked assets in real time in a map format makes it far easier to find the objects you need on the ground. Smarter Technologies is able to provide basic or advanced mapping solutions to meet your needs, including the ability to present virtual objects into three-dimensional mapping scenarios. Our bespoke mapping software is a useful support tool for all levels of businesses.

Smarter Technologies’ mapping software solutions gather, store and display vital business data clearly and visually to provide a clear snapshot of business activities to make planning, organising and problem-solving more effective than ever before.

The benefits of IoT software solutions

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Unlock a range of opportunities for your business

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Remove waste

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Enhance business processes

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Drive efficiency

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Understand patterns

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Make key business decisions

Our mapping solutions can be:


Giving an in-depth overview of your assets, personnel and perimeters in and around your site.


Far-reaching logistics and auditing maps to track, monitor and recover assets as they move down your supply chain.

Your World, Smarter.

Smarter Technologies’ asset management software solutions feature everything you need to effectively track and manage your company’s assets with a modular, scalable maintenance solution that grows with the needs of your organisation.

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