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We design all hardware and bespoke IoT devices and form factors in-house.

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Smarter Technologies designs and builds proprietary IoT devices to suit all Orion Data Network applications. Our low-power radio devices use the latest in smart sensor technology to monitor, track and recover assets wirelessly and SIM-free and in real time. Because the IoT is so new and dynamic, we recognise the need for our products to be designed to be scalable and future-fit.

Designed in-house to your specific requirements, our IoT devices, combined tags and sensor technology provides your organisation with the data and insights you need to streamline your workflow, monitor production and improve productivity and profitability.

Smarter Technologies’ Form Factors

Our custom-developed form factors collect a variety of vital data points, like sound, vibration, and temperature, which can be transmitted back to command and control in real time, providing a comprehensive asset management overview and allowing for immediate action.

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Automated Meter Readers

Smarter Technologies’ Orion tags can be retrofitted to analogue utility meters to gather real-time consumption data. This removes the need for manual meter readings and gives utility managers a more accurate overview of utility usage, allowing them to identify potential efficiencies, better control their energy usage and reduce their energy costs.

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Environment Sensors

Our Orion active low-power radio smart sensors are connected to the IoT and provide insight into environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. These environmental sensing capabilities are useful for maintaining compliance, health and safety in mines, healthcare facilities, laboratories, data centres and more.

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Fire Safety

Suppression Sensors

Smarter Technologies’ fire suppression systems such as misting units and flexible hoses are enabled with active low-power radio instant alert tags to provide first-line fire protection. If a tag detects a rapid rise in temperature, it sends a signal to deploy the extinguishing agent and extinguish the fire at source.

Read more about fire safety compliance. 

Thermal Detection

Orion sensors’ real-time alerting functionality detects abnormally-high temperatures and alerts building occupants and operators to a problem before it poses a danger to people or property.

Smoke Detection Sensors

In the first instance of a fire, Orion’s smart sensor technology will send an instant alert to your preconfigured management platform and automatically activate an alarm response.

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Gas Detection

Smarter Technologies’ innovative smart devices detect the presence and leaks of gases and can automatically initiate a response in real-time. Receiving instant alerts allows operators and individuals the opportunity to vacate the area immediately.

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Gate Sensors

Orion low-power radio gate tags protect your perimeter by sending instant notifications when individuals enter your property. These discreet, tamper-proof tags can be quickly and easily attached to any gates and doors.

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Level Management Sensors

Smarter Technologies’ level sensors and level switches allow you to track asset levels and receive real-time alerts remotely and securely. Our level sensors can be used in a variety of applications: tank levels, bin fill levels, stream levels, fuel gauging and more.

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Movement Sensors

Different types of motion sensors protect your sites and property from unwanted intruders, triggering instant alerts for breaches in boundaries using wireless Orion active low-power radio sensors. These tags are easy to install on windows, doors, driveways or any points of ingress.

Pressure Pads

Hidden underground anywhere within Orion coverage for instant notifications when someone or something passes over.

Piezoelectric Sensors

Uses the piezoelectric effect to measure changes in acceleration, pressure, temperature, strain, or force by converting them to an electrical charge and trigger a response.

PIR Sensors

The magnetic or adhesive backing plate can be mounted anywhere, providing instant notifications when movement is detected.

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SOS Devices

Smarter Technologies’ Orion panic buttons instantly send an SOS message back to the control centre, triggering an SMS or internet interface notification.

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Remote Activation & Shutdown

Our remote shutdown products allow managers to prevent or identify certain events and implement the appropriate actions quickly and effectively—at any time, from anywhere.

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Sound Mining

Smarter Technologies’ sound mining tags allow you to monitor any change in sound or a specific sound event. With an immediate notification, you can initiate an immediate response protocol, even on the most remote sites.

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Temperature Sensors

Smarter Technologies’ wireless temperature sensors use a thermistor to measure ambient temperatures in real time. The temperature range is preconfigured, making this solution ideal for monitoring the temperatures of vacant properties, warehouses, animal housing, food and beverage production, healthcare facilities, refrigeration rooms, server rooms and more.

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Tamper Detection

Smarter Technologies supplies various tamper sensors that will monitor, track and protect your assets in real time. By initiating the appropriate response, you can prevent further loss or shrinkage and unauthorised access.

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Shock Detection Sensors

Orion tags can work in the supply chain or monitor assets in real-time from a static location to prevent ‘damaged in transit’ goods. Shock or impact can be configured on a per asset basis to customise the tolerance levels according to the asset type.

Your World, Smarter.

We’ve mentioned just a few of the limitless form factors and IoT devices that Smarter Technologies can develop. With the Orion Data Network, 360° asset management becomes a reality, no matter the industry or application.

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