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Combat and prevent fire disasters while demonstrating fire safety compliance

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Smarter Technologies’ smart sensors enable improved compliance and fire safety in the workplace, without the labour-intensive and time-consuming manual checking of fire safety equipment. Sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) monitor your building’s fire doors, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. In an emergency situation when every second counts, you’ll be alerted immediately in any change of condition or fire danger.

Digitised management of fire safety assets eliminates human errors and the costs associated with manual checks while providing greater asset visibility.

Features of smart fire safety systems:

  • New IoT sensor technologies can be easily retrofitted to fire safety devices

  • Low-power

  • Wireless

  • Instant alerts when risks are detected

  • Sensors stay connected on independent batteries for years

  • Automated deployment of fire safety measures

  • Centralised management dashboard

How smart fire safety in the workplace works?

Low-power, wide-area networks or wireless cellular networks can transmit a wide range of data from IoT sensors to aid in fire prevention and response. Our smart sensors promote fire safety in the workplace by transmitting real-time data to a central building management dashboard via the Orion Data Network. This dashboard can be accessed remotely, allows for preconfigured automation, and provides automated reporting and record-keeping.

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What is the Orion Data Network?

Smarter Technologies’ privately-owned Orion Data Network is a low-power, long-range, real-time tracking and monitoring network being used the world over. Orion’s proprietary, military-grade communication technology runs on low-power radio. With a set of smart sensors, tags and gateways, the Orion system sends real-time, automatic updates to your bespoke management dashboard.

Read more about the Orion Data Network.

Why choose Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network?

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SIM Free

No GSM associated costs and smaller devices.

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Lower frequency than GSM

Tags can be seen inside everything.

reduced power icon - Smarter Technologies Group
Reduced power requirement

Tags last for years, not days.

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Track, indicate temperature, movement, shock and more.

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Remote configuration

Can receive messages in all locations.

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500m to 10km per gateway.

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Recovery ability

Can switch from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities and accurate location finding.

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Rapid deployment of infrastructure

Due to the wireless nature of the Orion Data Network.

Benefits of Smart Fire Safety in the Workplace

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Monitor buildings to detect fires faster

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Eliminating complex, dangerous wiring

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Provide command centres with more information

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Enhance computer-aided dispatch

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Improve situational awareness on the scene

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Help with fire suppression

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Meet compliance obligations

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Minimise risks, damage and fatalities

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Assist with insurance claims

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Protect people and their property

Use Cases of Smart Fire Safety in the Workplace

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fire safety at work legislation

Smart Fire Safety Device Maintenance

Our smart IoT sensors integrate with workplace fire safety devices such as alarms, personal safety devices, sprinklers and fire extinguishers. According to regulations regarding fire safety in the workplace, these devices require regular upkeep and maintenance. With IoT technology enabled by the Orion Data Network, a centralised dashboard can report on the status of all connected fire safety devices, removing the need for manual checks and record-keeping.

  • Ensure critical safety equipment is available
  • Report if a system is running low on battery
  • Measure fire extinguisher levels
  • Indicate if a fire extinguisher is missing
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Automated Sprinkler Systems and Fire Extinguishers

Smart sprinklers equipped with IoT sensors for improved fire suppression in smart buildings. A smart sprinkler system can be activated if smoke, fire or high temperatures are detected in an area. On identifying the presence of fire, these smart sprinkler systems can spray high-pressure mist onto flames, helping to put fires out at the source and prevent them from spreading.

Similarly, you can turn your building’s fire extinguishers into smart safety systems. Our smart sensors can trigger the deployment of a building’s fire extinguishers; either remotely, or on-demand.

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Fire Safety at the Source

Knowing exactly where in a building there is a fire risk is valuable information to have. A comprehensive building management system consisting of IoT sensors and thermal detection cameras can show where a fire started and how quickly it is spreading. This will assist emergency response personnel in curbing the blaze sooner. Knowing what is happening on the ground in real-time enables streamlined firefighting and evacuation efforts.

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