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SmarterView is the data monitoring software for 
Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™.

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  • Frustrated by trying to piece together information from multiple sources?
  • Struggling to adhere to and demonstrate compliance?
  • Spending hours upon hours trying to decipher your data?
  • Stuck on analysis paralysis?
  • Lagging behind with limited visibility of your assets and performance?

We believe that you should be able to measure and manage anything you can imagine

We help public and private sector organisations solve the lack of asset visibility and actionable data with SmarterView™, a cloud-based platform that provides a single view of all your data in one pane of glass.

  • List icon Solve the lack of asset visibility
  • List icon Reduce manual management tasks
  • List icon Improve compliance and reporting
  • List icon Reduce downtime and asset failure
  • List icon Provide powerful, real-time insights that allow you to optimise your operations effectively

SmarterView Features



The Smart analytics and AI capabilities of SmarterView make it easy for you to gain a summarised or detailed overview of the data collected by your sensors and tags. At a glance, you'll be able to see:

Device Summary

    Latest read time
    Physical location Description of the device Status & issues


Log of alerts and commands triggered over the last five years.


Including utility consumption totals and your consumption by hour, day or phase.

Real-time consumption data

SmarterView Consumption Data
Bullet point

Input your energy prices to show live energy costs and record historical price fluctuations.

Bullet point

View your real-time operational status.

Bullet point

Compare consumption against averages over selected time periods.

Bullet point

Configured entirely to your building and business needs.

How SmarterView™ works

Tag to dashboard simplified

Connected to the award-winning Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™, Smarter Technologies' smart sensors and tags turn everyday objects into smart IoT devices. Tag any high-value asset, tool, or equipment with the small, robust, wireless smart tags to collect vital data points, such as location, sound, vibration, temperature, status, etc.

Data from tags is transmitted wirelessly and in real time using Smarter Technologies' Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™. You can then command, control, monitor and manage your assets on SmarterView. This comprehensive asset management overview allows for immediate action, automation and analysis.

3 Simple Steps To Solving your Asset visibility and data management issues


View your company profile, portfolios and sites on the dashboard.


Schedule alerts and automation to your satisfaction.


Realise your true data potential with real-time information on all your assets.

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By connecting your electrical and mechanical systems to the cloud-based SmarterView platform, you'll have access to data and insights that offer actionable insights for innovations and cost-saving solutions.

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