Smart temperature monitoring system

Smart Temperature
Monitoring System

Manage your environment remotely with wireless                            temperature monitoring sensors and thermostats.

Smarter Technologies' smart temperature sensors and thermostats are wireless and battery-powered. These smart sensors allow you to monitor and manage the temperature of your smart building, plant, site or logistics equipment with real-time data reporting and instant alerts. We create custom temperature monitoring systems based on your requirements, no matter how extreme the environment or unusual the application.

Temperature Monitoring System Features

  • Save time, money and resources Works in environments of -40 to 120+ degrees
  • Fast asset recovery Installed in seconds
  • Optimise asset lifecycles No wiring
  • Maximise productivity No requirements for a mains power source
  • Minimise waste Batteries last for over three years without recharging
  • Meet health and safety requirements Real-time reporting
  • Secure lower insurance premiums Customised reporting
  • Protect assets and personnel from changing environmental conditions Access to accurate, real-time data at your fingertips
  • Automate and streamline previously labour-intensive processes Automated temperature adjustments

How our smart temperature monitoring systems work

Temperature monitoring forms part of your comprehensive building management solution. Smarter Technologies’ active RFID wireless temperature sensors use a thermistor to measure ambient temperatures accurately. These temperatures are measured against pre-configured temperature ranges. The data is transmitted to your central management dashboard via our award-winning Orion Data Network.

If a temperature rises or dips below predefined thresholds, the system will send an instant alert to the relevant party so that the problem can be dealt with swiftly. The smart temperature monitoring system can also be set to automatically adjust temperatures to the correct levels.

Enabled by Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network, our energy monitoring system is wireless, easy to install and provides accurate data and reporting. 

Tag to dashboard simplified

Enabled by Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network, our energy monitoring system is wireless, easy to install and provides accurate data and reporting.

Wireless Temperature Sensors

Wireless Temperature sensors are temperature monitoring devices that require minimal installation and can be easily configured to meet the needs of any challenging environment. Placed in either sub-zero temperatures or 120+ degrees, Smarter Technologies’ temperature monitoring systems can accurately monitor, report and adjust the temperature.

Remote Temperature Sensors

The temperature of any room can be adjusted without disturbing the environment using remote temperature sensors. Automatically adjust the temperature of any room based on accurate measurements without the need of manual checks. Furthermore, collect and analyse real-time data with a remote temperature monitor dashboard that displays all the necessary information to ensure all process are up to code.

What is Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™?

Smarter Technologies is the creator and owner of Orion: the wireless, low-power, long-range, global IoT network with unlimited applications.

How does the Orion smart building system work?

With a set of smart sensors, tags and gateways, the Orion system sends real-time, automatic updates to your bespoke management platform. This cloud-based application can be easily accessed via a laptop or tablet so that you get the best overview of how your building works. You'll also receive instant alerts and notifications for important events and triggers, such as water leaks, after-hours motion, fluctuations in temperatures or any other unusual events.

Orion The Real-Time Data Network™ Logo

Benefits of The Orion Real-Time Data Network



No GSM associated costs and smaller devices.



1-5 kms.



Easily built out to suit you.



Tags last for years.



Can't be jammed.

Remote Configuration

Remote Configuration

Data can be passed to and from monitoring devices.

Lower Frequency than GSM

Lower Frequency than GSM

Data signal can be exported anywhere.

Rapid Deployment of Infrastructure

Rapid Deployment of Infrastructure

Due to the wireless nature of Orion.

Recovery Ability

Recovery Ability

Can switch from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities and accurate asset location.



Track assets, record temperatures, motion and more.

Full control from your personal platform

Smarter Technologies' Orion tags are accompanied by a cloud-based application that can be accessed through any smart device, putting a full overview of your building into the palm of your hand. Get proactive with scheduled maintenance and have your reports automatically generated and uploaded to your personal dashboard.

Temperature monitoring dashboard


  • Save time, money and resources Real-time alerts
  • Fast asset recovery Real-time visual status of all tags, sensors & statuses
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Two-way communication to tags
  • Maximise productivity Real-time error notifications


  • Save time, money and resources Daily/weekly/monthly - your choice
  • Fast asset recovery Automatically compiled and sent
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Historical records on demand
  • Maximise productivity Easy to export and send

Temperature monitoring system benefits

Monitor and manage the temperature of your environment with ease

Cost-effective, with no ongoing SIM costs


Improved safety and security

Reduce operational expenditure

Reduce your carbon footprint

Easy installation and simple to deploy

Low maintenance costs

Maintain an optimal environment

Prevent waste

Mitigate the risk of reputational damage

Maintain comfort levels

Temperature Monitoring System Use Cases

Beverage and food temperature sensors

Smarter Technologies smart food temperature sensors control the environments in which food and beverages are kept, prepared and produced for the optimal safety and care of perishable goods. For example:

  • Our food temperature sensors prevent commercial stoves and ovens from overheating
  • Ensuring that fridges and freezers are sufficiently cold for correct storage
  • Smart temperature systems ensure the safe passage of food and other perishable goods along the supply chain

Our smart temperature solutions have a number of important applications in the health sector:

  • Maintaining optimal temperatures in laboratories and testing units
  • Transporting drugs, blood and organs
  • The production and storage of drugs and components
  • Monitoring hospital machinery
  • Ensuring the correct temperature for incubators, sterilising units, feeding units and surgical equipment

In any building, from public buildings to factories to offices, smart temperature monitoring systems can be used to optimise air conditioning and heating units.

  • Reduce unnecessary heat consumption
  • Regulate the building's air supply
  • Save money
  • Reduce carbon footprints

Growing the highest quality soft fruits (such as strawberries, blackberries and blueberries) requires careful temperature management. Smarter Technologies' smart temperature sensors enable farmers to create the precise environmental conditions and temperature settings required for each different type of fruit, vegetable or other crops. This improves both yield quality and quantity, and thus improves profitability.

Our coolant temperature sensor solutions measure and maintain the temperature of the engine coolant in internal combustion engines. These sensors can also measure the temperature of bearings, engine oil, and transmissions. Access to this real-time temperature data helps prevent:

  • Damage to machines
  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Fire

Temperature gauges also enable predictive maintenance to ensure optimal use, low maintenance and improved longevity.

Our hyper-sensitive smart temperature monitoring system helps to optimise the use of renewable energy sources for hydropower, drilling and biomass combustion. Harness the power of wind solar and geothermal energy for greater sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.

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