The coronavirus pandemic has forced most UK buildings to close with employees encouraged to work from home. What does this mean for your building’s electricity consumption? How can better utility monitoring help you save energy?

Unfortunately, just because a building is empty, it does not mean that it stops consuming energy. Not only must emergency lighting and elevators remain on, but so must the servers that the employees are using to conduct business from home. The building’s HVAC systems can also lead to unhealthy air or corrosion if switched off and any plugs left in the socket will still be using standby power.

The easiest way to save energy is through lighting. Lighting typically accounts for 15 to 20 percent of a building’s energy use so make sure to turn off all non-emergency lighting. Additionally, ensure that everything that is plugged into wall sockets has been unplugged and switched to reduced running times for any heating or cooling air systems the building may have installed. 

Utility Monitoring: A Smart solution

A comprehensive utility monitoring solution from Smarter Technology will help to monitor your building’s utilities through state-of-the-art IoT technology. By identifying where energy is being wasted, you can reduce costs and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Smart Meters

Our utility monitoring tracking hardware can be implemented on anything in your building so that you can accurately track and monitor usage across the board. This technology can be used on simple machines, all the way up to full-floor monitoring, enabling you to record and observe everything within your building. These state-of-the-art tags will help you increase profitability in the long run as you control your equipment efficiently and within your annual budget.

Smart Lights

Swap your existing bulbs for integrated LEDs with smart tags, giving you complete remote control of your lighting systems. Choose from any colour or lighting temperature. Set specific times and automatic shutdown if vacancy is detected.

Temperature Monitoring

With Smarter Technology’s thermostats you can monitor and manage the temperature of your chosen environment in real-time with wireless, battery-powered Orion thermostats that will last for over three years per battery. Our HVAC systems work by using sensors that provide you with complete remote control to maintain your buildings ecosystem in real-time using your bespoke software platform.

Contact us today so that we can tailor a utility monitoring solution for your business needs.