Businesses are turning to fever camera systems to ensure the health and safety of their employees as they return to work

During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses must be in a position to quickly identify who may be sick. Monitoring fever using fever camera systems is one way in which this can be done quickly and efficiently. 

Handheld thermal guns are expensive, labour-intensive, and can create a bottleneck. Fever camera systems, on the other hand, are able to provide temperature detection for high-flow environments. Fever camera systems can be deployed at every entrance in a building, warehouse or distribution centre where many people are entering and exiting.

What are the advantages of fever camera systems?

  • Measurements almost instant
  • There is no contact
  • Data can be accessed and viewed from a safe distance
  • Minimal disruption in public places
  • The risk of cross-contamination to the operator is significantly reduced
  • The system can be used with minimal training.  

Fever camera systems have been essential in successfully containing the outbreak in China and they provide both confidence and peace of mind to these communities. When considering these benefits, it is no wonder that both government and industry are rolling out these automated systems across the UK. 

How does the detection system work?

Fever camera systems have been designed to work in one of two ways. The first is for use in moving crowds of people and the second is to monitor individuals as they access a building. 

Crowd temperatures are taken as people walk by, either individually or in a group. Their temperatures are checked in real-time using infrared technology, and the image of any person showing an elevated temperature is displayed using facial recognition technology. 

The second system is for static self-scanning. Using an integrated thermal camera, optical camera and a high-resolution screen, this second system is smaller and more manageable allowing it to be positioned on a desk, mounted on a wall, or placed on a tripod.

Both systems use advanced AI to detect a person’s temperature – close to the eyes – to allow for the most accurate reading. Individuals who are recognised as having high temperatures can then be directed for further assessment and encouraged to self-isolate to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

What are some potential privacy issues?

Some of the fever cameras available today pose various ethical challenges such as the invasion of privacy. This is because with the right technology, it may be possible to recover a person’s identity using cryptographic keys. However, Smarter Technologies’ fever scanning system has been designed in accordance with best practice guidelines issued by NCSC and requires two-factor authentication. The system can be configured for roles-based access control, thus limiting administrative functions to approved users only.

Smarter Technologies’ fever camera system

The fever camera system from Smarter Technologies is the most sophisticated online, multiple thermal imaging camera system available on the market. The platform was built using intellectual property developed as part of our ongoing work for the Ministry of Defence.

All cameras report to a cloud-based dashboard providing automated scanning and instant alerts in the event of fever being detected. This is all done remotely, removing the risk of human contact.

The complete system comprises FeverCam and FeverLink. 

The FeverCam is a small, self-scanning camera that can be used for access control. The cameras are compact, wall-mounted units that deliver real-time temperature reports to your remote dashboard. This allows you to automatically scan the temperatures of staff and visitors to your premises with accuracy.

The FeverLink is a cloud-based dashboard with real-time temperature and facial recognition data that works with your existing security cameras. All cameras report to one cloud-based dashboard – allowing you to provide automated scanning and instant alerts in the event of fever being detected. This is all done remotely, removing the risk of human contact.

Features and benefits of Smarter Technologies’ fever camera system

Our solution to fever camera systems use real-time temperature testing and their results have proven to be medically accurate within +- 0.2 degrees.

The secure, cloud-based service removes concerns surrounding privacy issues and provides businesses with accurate data – without the need for direct human interaction. It is suitable for any size operation – from small offices to large airports and shows your company’s commitment to social responsibility  – while protecting your staff and environment.

With Smarter Technologies, you can control your environment and work together to implement advanced fever scanning technologies that give peace of mind and safeguard the environment for workers and visitors. 

For more information on our fever camera systems for crowd solutions, click here.