Maintaining fire safety compliance is critical during the coronavirus outbreak.

As UK businesses vacate their offices in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 infections, many premises have been left unoccupied and vulnerable. Although the NFCC has indicated that vital safety checks and maintenance will continue during the COVID-19 pandemic, how will you monitor and manage the risk of an unwanted fire without people onsite? 

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (and local fire safety legislation across the UK) requires that responsible persons carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment in order to identify any fire precautions that should be in place. During the coronavirus crisis, this assessment should include the following considerations :

  • Can the emergency plan be effectively managed with a reduced staff capacity? 
  • Are fire safety measures being maintained to prevent the spread of fire? For example, fire doors should not be propped open to avoid touching door handles.
  • Is Public Health Guidance being followed? Particularly hand washing and social distancing.
  • Are Fire Safety Officers being provided with extra personal protection to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spread?

Make sure to consult the UK government’s 5-step checklist to ensure your business remains compliant during this time.

Smarter Fire-Safety Solutions – fire maintenance made easy

With Smarter Technologies, you can automatically and remotely manage your whole estate at the touch of a button with real-time monitoring of the condition of your fire safety assets. 

Our real-time smart sensor technology will let you know immediately if a unit has been moved, if its weight has changed or if it has been tampered with, and our smart sensors receive real-time smoke and fire alerts via the internet.

In these uncertain times, it’s advisable to take a proactive approach, protecting your site and your assets. With our smart compliance solutions, you can remotely monitor your business from anywhere, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Contact us today so that we can tailor a security solution for your needs.