With the average cost of a single data breach averaging over 3 million pounds, it is no wonder more and more companies are looking to zero trust IOT data network solutions to solve their data security concerns.

In today’s world, the reality is that passwords are not enough. Once you’re authenticated, you’re in, which means that once an attacker has your password, he’s in too. 

This system forces you to constantly monitor your device, the network, the application and the data to prevent an unwanted outsider from accessing private information, but with Smarter Technologies’ zero trust IoT data network, these concerns will become a thing of the past. 

Recent advice from the FBI recommends that people should keep their IoT devices on a separate network to avoid a security breach. This way you’re preventing an attacker from gaining a direct route to your personal information because jumping across two networks forces them to put in a considerable amount of effort to access your devices. 

Security breaches can be even more detrimental for businesses, with the cost of a single data breach averaging over 3 million pounds. That is why organisations are starting to look beyond usernames and passwords to authenticate employees and secure access to valuable data. 

What makes our Orion Data Network different?

Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network is the world’s first zero trust IoT data network, with 256-bit encryption for all of your company’s IoT applications. 

The zero trust IoT data network delivers everything from real-time asset tracking and security solutions to automated smart building compliance. Our actionable and intelligible data provides invaluable insights into your business operations and gives visibility throughout your supply chain, all whilst remaining completely secure. 

How does the Orion IoT data network work?

The Orion gateway operates on a low frequency radio signal with GPS tags for near real-time monitoring, and non-GPS tags for tamper alerts and logistics solutions. From asset tracking, inventory, management, logistics and so much more, these tags can be used to protect what is directly important to your business. The innovative technology behind the Orion Data Network means that each tag is protected by the zero trust security model.

What is zero trust security?

Zero trust is a model of IT security that requires users to follow a strict identity verification protocol, no matter where they are trying to access resources from. In other words, zero trust security trusts no one. Verification is required every time someone attempts to gain access to resources on the network. In addition to this, constant monitoring immediately identifies and remedies any risky behaviour.

How does zero trust security work?

Zero trust security works on a need-to-know basis. In other words, a user is given only as much access as they need. 

By utilising microsegmentation, the practice of breaking up a single data centre into dozens of separate, secure zones, a zero trust network assumes that no one should be trusted. Access to one zone does not guarantee access to another, and separate authorisation is required each time. 

These data breaches can lead to productivity loss, lawsuits, fines and not to mention damage to your business’s reputation. The risk of not implementing a cybersecurity plan is just not worth it.

A world of possibilities

With the Orion Data Network, anything is possible. This IoT data network can apply to almost any industry in a myriad of combinations, providing businesses with invaluable insights into their operations and allowing them to improve their bottom line with a cost-effective, bespoke solution.

Contact us today to see how Smarter Technologies’ zero trust IoT data network can benefit your business.