Smart window monitoring

smart Window

Automatically detect open doors or windows around your building.

Wireless Window Monitoring from wherever

Get accurate, reliable door and window status updates with Smarter Technologies' wireless door monitoring and window sensors. These small, magnetic contact sensors use ultra-low-power wireless technology, making them easy to install and very low maintenance. They simply stick to the frame and send an instant update if the window or door's open/close status changes.

The data from your window monitoring sensors is displayed on a cloud-based platform that offers a real-time overview of the status of all your monitoring devices and assets.

Features of Window Monitoring

  • Save time, money and resources Real-time reports every 15 minutes
  • Fast asset recovery 3+ years battery life
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Can be retrofit
  • Maximise productivity Open/close alerts and updates
  • Meet health and safety requirements Remote monitoring from any connected device
  • Secure lower insurance premiums Monitor any window, door or other opening
  • Protect assets and personnel from changing environmental conditions Secure data transmission

Benefits of Window Monitoring

Prevent theft and trespassing

Deter unwanted opening/closing

Maintain the correct ambient temperature

Prevent energy wastage

Monitor your property using any connected device

Window monitoring equipment

How our window monitoring works

Enabled by Smarter Technologies' Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™, our smart window monitoring system is wireless, easy to install and provides accurate data and reporting.

Magnetic sensors are fitted onto windows and window frames. These sensors are connected via a gateway to Orion, which relays condition data to your bespoke management platform. The sensors will send a signal if the magnetic current is broken, i.e. the window has been opened.

The complete guide to IoT smart buildings

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Window monitoring System Use Cases

Decommissioning Buildings

The process of decommissioning involves shutting down a building and/or removing it from operation or use. When a building has been or is going to be vacated and is not going to be occupied for a period of time, the building should be decommissioned. This is done in order to reduce or eliminate any hazards and liabilities as well as protect the building until it is reoccupied or a decision is made on the future use of the building. 

Ensuring doors, windows and other openings are secured to prevent trespassing forms part of the decommissioning process. When it is unlikely  anyone is on site, the ability to remotely monitor the status of building openings ensures that the decommissioning process isn't compromised.

Window monitoring and door monitoring sensors are must-haves for comprehensive smart security systems. These sensors will promptly notify you if someone attempts to access your building through a window or door. The technology is simple: as soon as a window is opened, an instant notification is sent to any connected device and your building management or building security system.

Opening windows in a climate-controlled indoor environment can disturb the pre-defined ambient temperature settings, causing discomfort or a sub-optimal environment. It also means that energy is potentially being wasted. For example, it’s counterproductive to open windows and let cold air in while trying to heat up a room. Sensors placed on windows make building managers aware of these changes so that they can take the required remedial actions.

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