Compliance monitoring in council buildings shouldn’t be a hassle. Smart technology makes the task of tracking assets, auditing equipment and making efficient decisions considerably easier.

Smart building monitoring solutions are cost-effective, easy to use, and provide real-time asset visibility. From being able to tag assets such as smoke alarms, heat sensors and fire doors to occupancy monitoring and smart lighting systems, smart building technology can:

  • improve safety
  • inform action
  • provide insight for data-based decision-making

New council building projects are being designed with smart-building technology by default, but infrastructure in existing council buildings should be upgraded with these benefits in mind.

Health and safety first

Health and safety should always be your top priority when it comes to compliance monitoring in council buildings. Whether it is always being able to ensure that smoke alarms in working order, getting instant notifications of fire doors in use, or automated legionella compliance testing, smart technology has evolved to support facilities managers. It improves compliance standards and protects occupants from risks.

Technology that saves money

The assumption that smart technology is expensive is incorrect. For example, automating the Legionella temperature testing process can provide a return on investment in as few as 7 months. This can provide savings in excess of £1700 per year.

From a compliance perspective, automated logging and storage helps to make sure that records are kept, and the element of human error is avoided. This will prevent any risk of hefty fines and penalties should a case of legionella occur in your premises.

Always ready in case of emergency

Smart monitoring devices help to ensure that critical equipment is well-maintained and available at all times. You get real-time alerts when smoke alarm batteries are low or if fire extinguishers go missing, and accurate assessments of extinguisher levels.

Automated sprinkler systems can be set up to activate automatically, remotely and on-demand; giving real peace of mind when it comes to dealing with emergencies as they happen.

Thermal detection cameras can help pinpoint the source of fire outbreaks and assist emergency responders in curbing outbreaks.

Better air, brighter days

Air quality monitoring devices will observe your air quality in real time – helping you stay compliant with legislation and protecting occupants from carbon dioxide, noxious gases and pollutants; while smart lighting can play an important role in reducing your carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption in communal areas.

Green initiatives are important

An important consideration for council buildings is the push for the UK to become carbon neutral. Green initiatives are important, and smart technology is an important tool for decreasing your carbon footprint; both in terms of reducing total energy consumption, and by highlighting areas where energy use could be more efficiently managed.

From a compliance perspective, getting these fundamentals correct is of vital importance.

Instantly accessible information

Smart monitoring devices report to a single dashboard, where you have full access and control over your compliance protocols. You get full visibility of assets, compliance protocols and reporting.

In a world where COVID protocols have forced us to stay socially distant, being able to access information from anywhere and at any time has never been more valuable.

Finding a partner in compliance monitoring in council buildings

Smarter Technologies offers first-of-its-kind technology and expert know-how when it comes to utilising smart technology devices to aid compliance efforts. Our team are on hand to give you the advice you need to make a real, practical difference. We help you save money, time and energy with an end-to-end solution from site to screen.

To find out more about how Smarter Technologies can assist with your compliance needs, get in touch with us today.