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Businesses of today operate very differently than they did just a few short years ago. They're on the web, cloud-based and on the go. Zero Trust security models provide a novel approach to protecting sensitive resources and data. Smarter Technologies helps to protect your organisation from advanced cybersecurity threats and data breaches and achieve compliance by implementing Zero Trust network architecture. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity involves several technologies and processes that create a far more secure environment that prevents unauthorised access to sensitive digital assets.

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What is zero trust security?

In traditional IT network security, everyone inside the network is trusted by default. The problem with this approach is that any attacker that gains access to the network then has free reign over everything within that network. A Zero Trust model, on the other hand, requires strict identity verification for every person and device trying to access resources on a private network. This holistic approach to network security incorporates several different principles and technologies.

In a Zero Trust architecture, no one is trusted by default, whether they are inside or outside the network. Everyone trying to gain access to resources on the network must be verified with an added layer of security. A Zero Trust solution continually and dynamically assesses trust every time a user or device requests access to a resource.

In addition to controls on user access, Zero Trust networks also require strict controls on device access, ensuring that every device is authorised.

The Zero Trust approach prevents attackers from exploiting weaknesses in the perimeter to gain entry. But if an attacker were to gain entry, a Zero Trust architecture prevents them from moving laterally to access confidential applications and data.


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Zero trust solution features

  • Custom list icon Delivery of Zero Trust network architecture models
  • Custom list icon Enterprise, hybrid or full multi-cloud deployable
  • Custom list icon Secure solution for public-private and hybrid clouds
  • Custom list icon Cloud architecture and design
  • Custom list icon Collaborative knowledge transfer to in-house teams
  • Custom list icon Advanced software-defined networking technologies leveraging micro-segmentation security model
  • Custom list icon Enterprise integration with AWS, Azure and VMWare
  • Custom list icon Full functionality of software-defined perimeter specifications
  • Custom list icon Infrastructure and security monitoring
  • Custom list icon Enterprise-class Software-Defined Networking (SD-WAN)
  • Custom list icon Proven success in meeting Government Digital Service (GDS) standards

The zero trust
process involves:

  • Scanning permissions and folder structures
  • Implementing a workflow for data management
  • Fixing permission issues
  • Classifying your data
  • Adding extra security and monitoring your most sensitive data
  • Monitoring and analysing file access, email activity, VPN, proxy, DNS, Active Directory and more
  • Creating a baseline profile for each user on your network
  • Detecting abnormal behaviours
  • Triggering alerts so that you can respond to any discovered threats

Zero trust benefits

  • Custom list icon Single, secure, logical network for connectivity to trusted public clouds
  • Custom list icon Reduce risk with change impact analysis
  • Custom list icon Ensure that your network is secure by design
  • Custom list icon Reduce the risk related to cloud integration and service transition
  • Custom list icon Facilitate the move to the cloud
  • Custom list icon Increase access visibility by continuously monitoring and logging access requests and policy changes over time
  • Custom list icon Reduce the time to breach detection
  • Custom list icon Gain visibility into your enterprise traffic
  • Custom list icon Mitigate the impact of the security skills shortage
  • Custom list icon Excellent end-user experience
  • Custom list icon Protect customer data
  • Custom list icon Avoid reputational damage
  • Custom list icon Monitoring of individual application components ensures PIC-DSS and GDPR compliance

Our data-centric security approach helps you implement zero trust in your organisation.

Some of the main principles of 
zero trust networking include:

A Zero Trust architecture identifies individual users, devices and applications on the network. This is necessary in order to apply organisation-wide policy rules using role-based access.

We break up security perimeters into small zones to maintain separate access for separate parts of the network. A person or program with access to one zone will not be able to access any of the other zones without separate authorisation. Microsegmentation can not only prevent access to sensitive resources, but also contain potential active threats from spreading.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
MFA is a core value of Zero Trust security. It simply means requiring more than one piece of evidence to authenticate a user (just entering a password is not enough to gain access). An example of MFA is the 2-factor authorisation (2FA) used on popular platforms like Facebook and Google. In addition to entering a password, you'll also be required to enter a code sent to another device, such as a mobile phone. This provides multiple evidence that you are who you claim to be.

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