Preventing and combatting rising rural crime.


We were presented with the challenge of assisting rural landowners experiencing a rising wave of targeted crime. CCTV systems and traditional burglar alarm systems were insufficient for this particular issue due to the specific needs of modern farms.


We established that the farmers needed a real-time system that could deliver alerts for all assets on their farms and in remote places. We attached tags to assets and livestock, and plugged a gateway into the farmhouse to give an instant network of coverage using our proprietary Orion Data Network. The area extended to a 10km radius, allowing the tags we installed to provide real-time data and alerts across the site.

Agriculture Case Study


Late one evening, a farmer and his co-workers received an alert to say that a fencing unit had been tampered with. The training that Smarter Technologies had provided the farmers came into play, leading to the arrest of the thieves early the next morning.

The farmers have also benefited greatly from the system’s monitoring capabilities. They can now simply glance at a bespoke dashboard on a laptop or tablet to locate assets and keep an eye on all the movement around the site. The insights have provided immense value to the farmers’ decision-making about the way their farms operate.

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