Fire service

Real-time notification system for immediate action.


Dorset Fire Service (DFS) used portable misting units for vulnerable people. The notification system, which alerted DFS to activation of the unit, used existing autodialler technology. Unfortunately, this system could be unreliable. They asked Smarter Technologies to provide backup in the form of a communications channel.


Smarter Technologies conducted initial testing by integrating our tags into the misting units and setting up an Orion gateway to provide the coverage. The concept was simple; when the misting unit was activated, the tag would send a command to the fire service via the Orion gateway. As the tags are independent of gateways, an alert will be triggered and sent in real-time to the fire service (as long as the tag is in a coverage zone), notifying them of the need for immediate action.

Fire Service Case Study


The success of the testing stage led to a countywide rollout, and Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network was installed at every fire station within the Dorset and Wiltshire borders. DFS, now merged with Wiltshire, have now got their own private data network, which allows almost anything to be tagged, observed and monitored in almost limitless configurations. The current solutions have tags on smoke alarms and Personal Protection System (PPS) misting units. Fire helmets for personnel tracking are being trialled. There is even scope for use on the ‘jaws of life’ and thermal imaging cameras.

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