Cybersecurity systems and training.


Smarter Technologies was approached by a leading UK law firm who had concerns about their staff awareness of cyber security, specifically the threat from phishing attacks. The firm had recently been targeted via a Business Email Compromise (BEC) threat that was attempting to embezzle a significant amount of money from the firm.


The Smarter Technologies approach comprises a six-stage process, which can be adopted and tailored to suit the requirements of any organisation:

Stage 1 - Identify the users
Stage 2 - Design the campaign and select the themes
Stage 3 - Delivery of the campaign by our phishing specialists
Stage 4 - Analyse the results
Stage 5 - Awareness & learning content delivered in multiple formats
Stage 6 - Continual improvement by adjusting the campaign

Legal Case Study


The campaign plan was delivered over a 12-month period with integrated cyber awareness following each campaign. The resulting outcome was a reduction in susceptibility to phishing attacks from 54% to 3%.

This surpassed the management team's expectations, and the contract was renewed for a further 12 months to ensure that the level of staff awareness was maintained and the risks from continued phishing attacks could be mitigated to an acceptable level.

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