Sporting Association

Energy savings enable the Old Wimbledonian Association to continue
serving the community.

The Wimbledon College Old Boys Association was founded in 1922 as a rugby club, and it has grown to become one of the most diverse sporting associations in Greater London, with over 800 members across its rugby, football, and cricket sections. The Old Wimbledonion Association (OWA) prides itself as a long-standing inclusive social hub and serves the community by providing 300 meals per week through the Merton Meals Program, as well as supporting the NHS by preparing over 20,000 meals during the
Covid-19 pandemic.


Like many organisations, the OWA was facing the challenge of increasing energy costs. Historically, the association paid a low electricity price, but the recent contract round resulted in a 440% increase, raising the cost of their annual energy consumption from £7,300 to £31,500. The association desperately needed to find a way to reduce its energy costs to continue serving the community effectively.

The solution

To help The OWA address its energy cost challenge, Smarter Technologies provided an electricity monitoring system that provided real-time consumption data, allowing the association to measure the efficiency of its energy usage and identify areas for improvement. Supported by the real time data, The OWA optimised the air conditioning, refrigeration, chillers, and installed LED lighting in the bar, which was the only capital cost, as well as adjusted the timers on the security lighting.



Thanks to the implementation of Smarter Technologies’ smart electricity monitoring system and energy efficiency measures, the OWA is on target to reduce its energy consumption by 37.5% against its previous year’s usage, resulting in £11.8k in savings. Additionally, the association achieved a substantial reduction in its carbon footprint. The real-time reporting provided by the system allowed the association to monitor the effectiveness of the changes implemented and identify additional areas for improvement, enabling it to continue to meet its energy reduction goals. Thanks to Smarter Technologies, the Old Wimbledon Association can continue to serve the community effectively and sustainably.

Reduction in energy usage

Reduction in 
energy usage.

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