Water Hygiene

Automating the water testing process.


AquaCare specialises in Legionella control measures, which typically require a field technician to travel to the site to manually carry out temperature monitoring and flushing. But hiring physical labour for such a menial task is expensive for companies and has several disadvantages, including the risk of human error, human resource costs, and access to remote locations.


We implemented our auto-flush unit to schedule automated temperature testing and flushing. All reports are now generated automatically. The system removes human error from the testing, record keeping and reporting process, significantly reducing the costs associated with water hygiene risk assessment and monitoring.

Water Hygiene Case Study


"After collaboratively working with Smarter Technologies, we have been able to launch a fully automated solution to Legionella control, which not only better utilises our workforce to carry out more complex work, but also gives customers the opportunity to reduce their costs and environmental impact. Simultaneously, we provide our customers with powerful, real-time insight into their hygiene risks through an online dashboard, accessed through any device, at any time. We are looking forward to working with our customers to automate their water hygiene control at a lower cost."

- Greg Dugmore, AquaCare

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